Ref NoPM/10
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 10 March/April 1981
Editoral: The Working Atmosphere Under Threat by Rob La Frenais
Natural Disasters: Assorted Mishaps, and Other Occurances by Andrea Hill
The Dangerous Water Which Lies Between: Cameron and Miller interview by Lynn McRitchie
Chris Burden by Hugh Stoddart
Video At Air: Two Views by Mike Archer and Hugh Stoddart
A Sense of Belgium by Luke Dixon
Why is there no Durex in The Sweeny? by John Roberts
Performed Music: Music & Movement London Musicians Collective by Paul Burwell
Robert Calvert/Krankshaft Cabaret by David Ilich
Event Group by Rob La Frenais
Mike Figgis/Redheugh by Andrea Hill
Incubus/Old Testament Floorshow by Andrea Hill
Lucky Strike/Hrant Arainek by Luke Dixon
Jez Welsh/Image Action by Rob La Frenais
Matchbox Purveyors/Stationary by Phil Hyde
Three Women/High Heels by Paul Lyons
Vaughan and Carmines by Liz Stolls
Crystal Theatre by Luke Dixon
Futureperform - Selected National Performance Listings
Ian Hincliffe
Les Genoux Magnifiques Ensemble de Silvie Ziranek
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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