Ref NoPM/12
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 12 July/August 1981
Critics and Doormats: Writing about Performance by Andrea Hill
Cabaret Futura Moves On by Luke Dixon & Paul K Lyons
State Performance: Royal Weddings and British events:
Fairytales by John Roberts
The State Performs by Robert La Frenais
The Wedding of the Year by Lynn McRitchie
Performed Music - A rundown by Paul Burwell
Richard Layzell by Rob La Frenais
Show Trial: Some impressions of the Artists Enquiry into the Arts Council by Pete Shelton, Paul K Lyons, John Dowie, Phil Hyde
Sedition 81 by Luke Dixon
Station House Opera by John Roberts
Patti Bee, Laura Gilbert by Phil Hyde
Andre Stitt by Roger Ely
Cunning Stunts by Liz Stolls
Winston Tong and Bruce Geduludig by Martin Lamb
Steve Cripps by Roger Ely
Tina Keane by Rob La Frenais
Artist's Documentation: 'Making Up Glasgow' - a performance by Catherine Elwes photographed by Joyce Agee
National Performance Listings
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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