Ref NoPM/13
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 13 September/October 1981
Opinion: Womanless Ceremony? by Jacky Lansley
Opinion: A Selfish Art? by Roger Ely
Gay Culture and Performance by Bruce Bayl
Documentation: Synoptic Realists
Mitzi Wildebeeste: Can South Africa really be funny? by Diana Simmonds
Theatre of the Eighth Day/Provisorium: Decoding the Polish message by Peter Shelton
Gilbert and George: The Living Sculptures Look at Life by Lynn McRitichie
Martin Ives by Rob Le Frenais
Marty St James by Emrys Morgan
Sardonic Fish Corporation/TV! Scream by Roger Ely
Towards the Celestial City: A transposition of John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress' for Birmingham Arts Lab by Luke Dixon
Natasha Morgan by Lynn MacRitchie
The Mad Show by Neil Hornick
Almeida Festival: British Events by Luke Dixon; Mary Longford Inc. by Luke Dixon; Reinhild Hoffman by Liz Stolls
Raving Beauties by Lynn MacRitchie
Decadence by Phil Hyde
National Theatre of Brent by Luke Dixon
A Pair in Shorts by Rob La Frenais
Roland Muldoon: Interview by Luke Dixon
Music in Performance/Reviews by Paul Burwell
My Mo Vo by Hannah Charlton
Jamees Chance by Paul Burwell
F. Gerrad Errante by David Illic
Whirled Music Quartz by David Illic
Association of Little Presses Festival London Musicians Collective by Paul Burwelll
AMM Music Matchless by Paul Burwell
Penguin Care Orchestra by Rob La Frenais
Lyon Performance Festival by Rose Garrad
National Performance Listings
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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