Ref NoPM/17
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 17 May/June 1982
Opinion: Women Live by Diana Simmonds
Irish Performance by Lynn MacRitichie & Nick Stewart
Four Artists: Irish performance at the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow by Peter Hill & Michael Tooby
Interview: Geraldine Pilgrim by Luke Dixon
Night Train to Freedonia: Hesitate and Demonstrate by Neil Hornick
Red Artists Threat?: Community Art by Peter Shelton
Music in Performance: Val Wilmer talks to Marguerite McLaughlin
London Round-Up by Luke Dixon
La Ronde by Liz Stolls
Forkbeard Fantasy by Phil Hyde
Bread and Puppet by Luke Dixon
Optik Theatre by Caroline Hardy
Media Arts Group by Phil Hyde
Duel Duet by Phil Hyde
Boogie! Mayfair Theatre by Neil Hornick
Performance Week, Leicester by Robert Ayers
Ariadone by Neil Hornick
SEM Ensemble by Robert Schuck
Delado by Gillian Clark
Pastorale by Luke Dixon
London's Dance Crisis by Liz Stolls
National Performance Listings
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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