Ref NoPM/18
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 18 August/September 1982
Opinion: John Cage and Laurie Anderson by Lynn MacRitchie
A Real Traditionalist': Laurie Anderson in conversation
Spoken By Others: Laurie Anderson by John Roberts
National Independent Video Festival by Penny Dedman and Peter Savage
Interview: Robyn Archer with Marguerite McLaughlin
Legitimate Journey: Facts and symbols of androgyny in a moving performance by Vivien Lisle
Back to the Garden: IOU by Meria Eilash
International: An Integral Part of Your Lifestyle: Video- performance by Rob La Frenais
Jazz in Angouleme by Diana Simmonds
Waterloo Sunset by Chrissie Iles
London Roundup by Luke Dixon
Campo Santo by Gray Watson
La Cookiste Superba by Roberta M Graham
Queen Christina, Carmilla by Marguerite McLaughlin
The Ballista by Phil Hyde
Little Religions by John Stewart
John Cage by Jeremy Paton-Jones
People Show 87 by Paul Lyons
Gang Ho by Pete Shelton
Book Reviews -Theodore Shank: American Alternative Theatre (book) by Luke Dixon
Opportunity to Dance by Gillian Clark
Obituary: Steve Cripps by Paul Burwell, Anne Bean and Carlyle Reedy
National Performance Listings
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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