Ref NoPM/19
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 19 October/November 1982
Is Performance Art Dead? by Roland Miller
Neo-Naturism: B2 Gallery and David Dawson by Rob La Frenais
Nuova Spettacolorita!: Italian Performance by John Ashford
Interview: Cathy Berberian by Lindsay Cooper
Cathy [Berberian] the Great by Neil Hornick
Art On The Run by Rob La Frenais
A Firm Undertaking: the funeral of Violet Kray by Robert M Graham
New York Live: New York performers at the ICA by Lynn MacRitichie
London Roundup by Luke Dixon
Out and About - Hood Fair by Rob La Frenais
Sonia Knox by Catherine Elwes
Cameron and Miller by Phil Hyde
Selwa Rajaa by Meira Eliash
Perfect Moments by Chrissy Iles
Brion Gysin interviewed by Terry Wilson: Here To Go/Planet R101 (Book) by David Darby
National Performance Listings
Documentation -Tim Dalling
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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