Ref NoPM/21
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 22 February/March 1983
Impact Theatre: Profile by Steve Rogers
Bloodgroup: Profile by Stella Hall
Spaces: Basement Group, Newcastle by Mona Hatoum
Mona Hatoum at Aspex
Video: Afterimage by Pete Shelton
Steve Hawley by Catherine Elwes
Zen Abbatoir by Anna Moszynska
National Performance Listings
Raid on the Inarticulate by Phil Hyde
Anti-Anti Opera by Steve Rogers
Ou Sont Les Neiges D'Antan? by Phil Hyde
ABDC Workshop by Anna Moszynska
The Cabinet Trick by Chrissie Iles
People Show No 88 by Phil Hyde
Philip Jeck by Carol DeVaughn
Grotowski Workshops by Robin Morley
Dawn of Dusk by Andrew O'Hanlon
Zena Naj Bo Doma by Dave Rose
Young Lust by Andy Soutter
Performance Nightlife by Chrissie Iles
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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