Ref NoPM/22
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 23 April/May 1983
Profile: Welfare State by Phil Hyde
Interview: Nan Hoover by Catherine Elwes
Nightlife: The Zap Club by Chrissie Iles
Plunging into the Paperpool - the Paperpool Corporation
Video: Who's Watching Whom? by Pete Shelton
National Performance Listings
Venue without a venue [Manchester] by Stella Hall
Con Artist or Cultural Heroine: Laurie Anderson by Rob La Frenais
Sheffield Expanded Media show by Chrissie Iles
Can Your Monkey Do The Dog?: Queer Theatre by Ken Hollings
Secret Gardens by Phil Hyde
British Events by Luke Dixon
Hanging Committee by Richard Chapman
Impact Theatre by Stella Hall
Theatre Babel by Robert Morley
Face On by Lynn MacRitichie
Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly Show by Robin Morley
General Idea by Anna Moszynska
Doppelganger by Ken Hollings
Virgnia Astley, French and Saunders by John Shaw
Brian Eno by Paul Ahand
Helen Seer/Zoe Redman by Catherine Elwes
Basement Group Performance by Rob La Frenais
Roberta Graham by Shirley Brown
Iron in the Flesh by Anna Moszynska
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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