Ref NoPM/23
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 24 June/July 1983
Profile: John Maybury by Ken Hollings
Kazuko Hohki of Frank Chickens: Interview by Rob La Frenais
Urban Sax by William Green
Performing In Jewellery: The Jewellery Project by Anna Moszynska
Two Weeks in New York: Britain Pollutes New York, etc by Rob La Frenais and Silvia C Ziranek
New York Reviews: Stuart Dempster by Jez Welsh; Recent British Video by Fast Forward; Barbara Buckner, Bill Viola, Dan Reeve, Tony Dursler, Peter d'Agustine by Catherine Elwes; Fiona Templeton by Margaret Warwick; Linda Montano by Catherine Elwes, Silvia Ziranek by Olivia Onions
National Performance Listings
Multi-Storey-Minimalism: Charlie Hooker by Robin Morley
Stuart Brisley, Lewis Johnston by Ken Hollings
Feminist Arts Group by Ann Cullis
Lotte and Lotte by Rosa Silver
Ariadne's Afternoon by Lynn MacRitichie
Rose Finn Kelcey by Steve Rogers
Musk by Phil Jones
Piccolo by Luke Dixon
Optik by Charlotte Keatley
Gilgamesh by Charlotte Keatley
Akademia Ruchu by Phil Hyde
After Alter?: After Image by Pete Shelton
Celebration in Cardiff by Rob La Frenais & Robin Morley
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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