Ref NoPM/28
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 29 April/May 1984
Clockwork Orange (Man in the Moon); Japanese Cassette Magazines; Neo-Naturists' Valentine's Day Performance; Hans Haacke at the Tate; Andropov's Funeral; British Canadian Video Exchange Opening, Canada House; Robert Wilson's Video 50 by Ken Hollings
Around the Shows: The Ideal Home Exhibition by Iwona Blazwick and Chris Rodley
Crufts by Steve Rogers and Mark Stevens
The Daily Express Boat Show by John Stalin
The Believing World of Gilbert and George by Lynn MacRitchie
Baron Alban presents Alastair Snow: Life is short but Art is long...
The Word Made Flesh: Freud and Performance by Gray Watson
The Wild Chimes: Carillon Music by David Briers
Artists and the Nuclear Threat by Richard Layzell
David Stephens: Love Affair with a Black Space by Simon Lane
Notes from Cardiff by David Briers
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FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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