Ref NoPM/32
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 33 February/March 1985
Armed by Elizabeth Heron
Trickster by Neil Hornick
Hesitate and Demonstrate by Charlotte Keatley
Background Video - The View From Tokyo by Jane Parrish
The Observation Tower by Caz Royds
Theatre De Complicite
Give My Regards To Frith Street by Sotiris Kyriacou
An Evening in Swindon: Da Wu Tang by Alex X. Fraser
Regular Music by Steve Rogers
Notes From Cardiff by David Briers
Alchymia by Elizabeth Heron
Performance at Acme Studios by Sotiris Kyriacou
Ritual and Memory: interview with Stuart Brisley by Cathy Courtney
Glamour and Garbage: Documentation, Marty St James and Ann Wilson
Crisis in Visual Theatre: Two Opinions by David Gale and Steve Rogers
Performance Land Art: a journal from Australia by Anthony Powell
Talking American: three views from the US by Steve Rogers, Cindy Oswin and Barbara Lehmann
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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