Ref NoPM/36
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 37 October/November 1985
Survey: what performance artists in Britain really think - full details by Anne Bean, Stuart Brisley, P D Burwell, Shirley Cameron, Dennis De Groot (DDart), Rose English, Rose Garrad, Charlie Hooker, Richard Layzell, Anthony Howell, Alistair Maclennan, Julian Maynard Smith, Roland Miller, Anne Seagrave, Ian Sherman, Alastair Snow, Gary Stevens, Andre Stitt, Marty St James & Anne Wilson, Stefan Szczelkun, Stephen Taylor Woodrow, Kerry Trengove, Ken Turner, Richard Wilson, Silvia Ziranek
Celestial Light, Monstrous Races: Sound/Vision show at Spacex, by Chrissie Iles
Up a Cul de Sac: contemporary music by David Briers
Edinburgh Festival by Rob La Frenais
Circuitous Routes - multi-media performance in Liverpool by Adrian Henri
Marc Chamowicz: Cafe Du Reve (Book) by Alan Parker
New York Reports: Barbara Lehmann and Catherine Bush
Interview: Bruce McLean slugs it out with Chrissie Iles
This is for you Anna: a contemporary tale of revenge by Neil Bartlett
Thinking Objects: one artist's fascination with Laurel and Hardy by Gary Stevens
Documentation: The Housewatch project by Ian Bourne
Performance Art's Friend at Court [Anthony Everitt] by Roland Miller
Opinion: showdown for performance critics by Rob La Frenais
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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