Ref NoPM/41
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 43 September/October 1986
Close to the Horns: Ross Finn-Kelcey, a profile by Jeni Walwin
Artists in the Theatre: a historical outline by Sara Selwood
Entranced by Butterflies: Lumiere and Son - an opinion by Steve Rogers
Furniturisaton: A Suitable Case for Treatment by David Briers
Carnival Logic: An Analytical View by Wilson Harris
Speculation on Memory: Stuart Brisley in Glasgow by Rob La Frenais
Imaginez: The Fridbourg 'Belluard Bollwerk' by Tara Babel
Suspended Animation: The Venice Biennale by Chrissie Iles
North V South: Polveriginteatro Festival by Honey Salvadori
Ars Electronica: New music and performance at Linz by Simon Biggs
Polyphonix: Performance and soundwork in Paris by Simon Herbert
Off the Beaten Track: Round London's Student Shows by Nik Houghton
In Sea: Bow Gamelan Ensemble at the ICA by Rob La Frenais
Daylight: New Performance Club by Bill Millis
Eye Music and Charting Time: At the Serpentine by Peter McRae and Nik Houghton
Synchro Cycling: A Night in Bike City: Charlie Hooker by Robin Morley
Performance Art Talks: Think Tank Report by Jane Jackson
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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