Ref NoPM/46
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 49 September/October 1987
Preview & Notes
National Review of Live Art 1987: A Message to the Kunst Fuhrers by Steve Rogers
Bracknell 87 by Jez Welsh
Hamlet Machine: The unique and improbable co-operation of Ribert WIlson and Heiner Muller by Janny Donker
When the Tunnel is Built: a journey across Europe by Rob La Frenais
The Quintessential European Event: a report on Documenta 87 by Chrissie Iles
Behind the Aktion: Elizabeth Jappe interviewed by Rob La Frenais
Myths, Monsters and Mutations: the view from Berlin by Ken Gill
Integrating the Beast: art and politics in Europe by Gray Watson
Crossing the Desert: a report on Intervention 3 and its organiser Egidio Alvaro interviewed by Tara Babel
Gary Stevens and Company: Different Ghosts by Annie Griffin
Neue Slowenishe Kunst by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton
Class of '87 by Steve Rogers
100 Foot Walking Wall and The Tidal Barrier Event by Steve Rogers
Junction Transmissions Sender, Video Exhibition by Nik Houghton
LIFT: Donna Giovanni, Compania Divas by Neil Bartlett
Bow Gamelan Ensemble by Simon Herbert
Ron Hasledon and Bryanston Cross: Nightline by Claire MacDonald
Echoes: Jeremy Welsh, Cornerhouse by David Lovely
A Picture in the Form of a Kite - Robert Ayers & Company by David Manley
Seven Works of Spiritual Mercy & Emerald Poppy, Sebastiane by Julia Orkney
Mutus Liber, The Knight and the Body of Dawn - Green Room, Manchester by David Lovely
Cuckoo, Station House Opera by Tim Etchells
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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