Ref NoPM/5
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 5 April 1980
Performance Notes: Nuclear Power-unreprocessing performance, Showbiz Kids, Pub Theatre Upsurge, Merrie Prankes - we were not fooled
Technology: General Idea's Test Tube, Telex Art by Tom Klinkowstein
Intrigue at the Hotel Relaxey: Sylvia Ziranek, Kitsch Artist and Social Butterfly by Andrea Hill
Angels Descend Like Agatha: A criticism of Noel Grieg's play, 'Angels Descend on Paris', depicting sexual politics in wartime occupied Paris by Bruce Bayley
Cardiff: New performance centre of Europe - a profile of Chapter Arts Centre and its four resident companies by Simon Kelly
Interview with Charlie Drake by Neil Hornick
Echoes from the North: a performance by Sonia Knox, based on her childhood in Northern Ireland by Lynn MacRitchie
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Latest show by Monstrous Regiments, based on Anita Loo's novel - review by Luke Dixon
Between: a performance by Stuart Brisley and Iain Roberson, by John Roberts
Vivian Lyles Vertical Corage poem, by Bruce Bayley
[Ian] Hincliffe Lashes Out
John Dowie: You Could be Prime Minister or something in a curry - on the disadvantages of being dead by Rob La Frenais
Futureperform - Selected National Performance Listings
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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