Ref NoPM/51
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 55 [?August/September] 1988
News Supplement
EDGE 88 ['Biennale of Experimental Art'], An Introduction by Chrissie Iles
The Tyranny of the Avant-Garde by Dan Cameron
The Reflective Edge: A Female Concept of Self- Representation by Slivia Eiblmayr
Three Points in a Circle: Three Decades of Experiment in the US and Canada by Steven Durland
A Matter of Content by Gray Watson
Artists Note on Jerzy Beres, Ian Breakwell, Stuart Brisley, Helen Chadwick, Rose Garrard, Vera Frenkel, Mona Hatoum, Tina Keane, Denis Masi, Alistair Maclennan, Nigel Rolfe, Ulrike Rosenback, Carles Santos, Carolee Schneemann, Roberto Lucca Taroni, Told by An Idiot, Marcelle van Bemmel, Zbigniew Warpechowski, Paul Wong, Peter Zegveld, Rasheed Araeen, Vera Body, Valie Export, Silvia Ziranek
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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