Ref NoPM/60
TitlePerformance Magazine, issue 65/66 Spring 1992
Editoral by Gray Watson
Of Knowing and Haunting the World: The Gnostic Art of Brian Catling by Liz Brooks
The Battlefields of Love: Insights in the Work of Roberta Graham by Lucy Hughes-Hallett
The Last Avant-Gardist: John Latham's Holistic Vision by John A. Walker
The Confines of Power: Denis Masi's Recent Wall-Works by Mike Archer
Collaborations: An Interview with Philip Glass by Nicholas Zurbrugg
Mask, Role and Narrative: An Interview with Joan Jonas by Nick Kaye
Departure: The Brazilian Project of Marina Abramovic by Demosthenes Davvetas
The Fine Rats International: Performance Art and Post- Industrial Society by Jeffrey Collins
Alighiero e Boetti by Astrid Schmetterling
Jane Mulfinger: Lost For Words by Richard Dyer
Gaby Agis and Shelley Lasica by Andrew Renton
LIFT: The Damned Lovely; Mayhew and Edmunds by Sophie Constanti
LIFT: Nancy Reilly by Tony White
Phyllida Barlow by John Jordan
Theatre Repere: The Dragon's Trilogy by Peter Church
The Last Weekend by Louise Wilson
Miralda: The Honeymoon Project by Ann Cullis
Brighton Festival by Ariane Koek
Cricot - Tadeusz Kantor: Today is my Birthday by Astrid Schmetterling
Signs of the Times (MOMA, Oxford) by Edith Decker
Chris Meigh-Andrews: Eau d'Artifice by Catherine Elwes
Forced Entertaiment: Welcome to the Dreamland; Marina and Lee by David Hughes
Madrid en Danza by Lucinda Jarrett
European Media Art Festival by Nicholas Morgan
James Turrell: Confort Moderne by Fiona Dunlop
All Colours Theatre: Celenta 17 by Lucy Nias
Bob Flanagan: Sick by Simon Anderson
International Festivals and Art Gatherings
FormatPrinted Material
Extent1 volume
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