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TitlePapers of Four Colman Getty
Date11 Dec 2014-5 Jan 2016, nd
DescriptionPress releases, 11 Dec 2014-13 Oct 2015. [paper and electronic]
Briefing note for judges, Dec 2014.
Rules and entry form, with covering letter, 9 Jan 2015.
Email concerning response to rule changes, 13 Jan 2015.
Publishers' entry forms, 15 Jan-15 July 2015, nd.
Letters and forms from publishers suggesting titles for the judges to call-in, 19 Jan-11 Mar 2015, nd.
PDFs of longlisted novels for bookbinders, 19 Feb-5 Aug 2015. [electronic]
Agendas and minutes of Advisory Committee meetings held on 5 Mar and 18 June 2015.
Memorial service programme for Martyn Goff, former administrator of the prize, [Mar 2015?].
Planning notes from a Four Colman Getty meeting held on 17 Apr 2015.
Book of condolence for the passing of Ion Trewin, former administrator of the prize, Apr 2015. [electronic]
Papers concerning the award ceremony, including replies to invites, guestlist, menu/programme, sample invitation and name place card, post award ceremony thank you letters, and transcripts of speeches by: The Duchess of Cornwall; chair of the Booker Prize Foundation, Jonathan Taylor; Man Group CEO, Emmanuel Roman; and chair of judges, Michael Wood, 26 June-28 Oct 2015. [paper and electronic]
Letter from Clarence House confirming the attendance of The Duchess of Cornwall at the award ceremony, 6 July 2015.
List of longlist publicists, 5 Aug 2015. [electronic]
Papers concerning the shortlist reception, including a guestlist, invitation, transcript of chair of judges, Michael Wood's, speech, and seating plan for a post-announcement dinner, 11 Aug-15 Sep 2015. [paper and electronic]
Lists of submissions, 28 Aug 2015, nd. [electronic and paper]
Brand guidelines, 4 Sep 2015. [electronic]
Readers' guides for the longlisted novels, 4 Sep 2015. [electronic]
Radio Times Festival guide, 24-27 Sep 2015.
Award design notes and quote, 25 Sep 2015.
Papers relating to two memorial services for Ion Trewin, former administrator of the prize, including an invitation, programmes [paper and electronic], guestlist [electronic], transcript of a speech by Richard Cohen [electronic], and related correspondence [paper and electronic], Sep-Nov 2015.
Winner interview schedule, 14-16 Oct 2015. [paper and electronic]
Publicity update, Nov 2015. [electronic]
Submission and call-in statistics for the 2015 Man Booker Prize and International Prize, Dec 2015.
Lists of press coverage, 5 Jan 2016. [paper and electronic]
List, with thumbnail photographs, of the shortlisted authors, judges, former judges, former winners, members of the Booker Prize Foundation, and a selection of VIP guests, nd. [paper and electronic]
AppraisalDuplicates and confidential material removed.
Physical DescriptionPapers and electronic files
Access ConditionsNon-embargoed electronic material can be accessed on the Reading Room pc.
Some confidential material closed for 10 years (small amount of email correspondence with judges).
Some confidential material closed for 20 years (Advisory Committee agenda and minutes, submissions list, call-in letters).
Some confidential material closed at present, with closure period reviewed periodically (personal/sensitive data).
Access statusPartial closure
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