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AccessConditions Contains particular requirements for gaining access to the collections, e.g. the collection may on be viewed in the Special Collections Reading Room; an additional form must be completed; certain material may be closed to users for a certain period of time.
AccessStatus This will either be Open, Closed, or Partial Closure. Open material can be viewed freely by users. Closed material cannot be viewed by users for a certain period of time. Partial Closure indicates that some parts of the collection are open, but some are closed.
Accruals The addition of more material to a collection.
AdminHistory Biographical/Administrative history of the individual/organisation responsible for, or documented by, the collection.
Appraisal The process of weeding out material from the collection (e.g. duplicates).
Archive This term can either refer to the historical research material itself, or the repository which holds it.
ArchNote A note of who catalogued it and when.
Arrangement The intellectual (and often physical) ordering of material.
BoxRefNo An additional reference number to DocRef. If a description has this, please provide it with the DocRef when ordering material as it will aid staff with document retrieval.
Collection For the purposes of this catalogue, a collection means a grouping of related material, usually (but not always) from a single source.
Copyright Contains information about copyright permissions that may be required.
CreatorName The name of the person(s) or organisation(s) that created the collection, i.e. those responsible for producing or collating the material.
CustodialHistory Information about where the collection has come from.
Date Of the item(s) being described. This can be a single date or a date range. Dates provided in square brackets are estimates based on information in the archival material itself. A small c (for circa) may be used for rough estimated dates. A question mark may also be used in estimated dates.
Description Of the item(s) being described. Used, when necessary, to expand the information given in the Title field.
DocRef A reference number used for ordering archival documents.
Extent A measurement of the amount of material being described in the catalogue, e.g. number of shelves, boxes, files, items, leaves.
Finding aid A listing of materials within a collection to aid users in locating items of use (e.g. a catalogue, handlist, card index system).
Language Only specified if the material is written in languages other than English.
Leaf/Leaves Sheet(s) of paper. Note that this is not the number of pages, there are 2 pages per leaf.
Level The position of an archival description within the catalogue structure of the collection as a whole. Examples of levels include: collection, series, sub-series, file, item.
Notes Contains information that is not appropriate in any other field.
PhysicalDescription Only specified if the format of the material is anything other than paper, e.g. cassette tape, video, CD, DVD.
PublnNote Contains a list of publications that provide information on the subject(s) of the collection.
RelatedMaterial ‘If you liked this, you may also be interested in…’ A note of related archival material. This may be other material in the same collection or in a different collection.
Repository Where the material is held. This will always be ‘Oxford Brookes University’.
Special collections Collections that have been bought, gifted or loaned to the Library as permanent sources for research, as opposed to general library stock.
Title This will either be the title on the item itself (i.e. a book title), or an appropriate title provided by the archivist.
Tree The name given to the structure of a catalogue because of the resemblance of the arrangement to tree roots.
TreeRef This is a reference number assigned by the cataloguing software and is related to the position of the description within the Tree. This reference number is not to be used to order material, please use DocRef for ordering material.
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