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TitleArticles on non-art related subjects
Admin/Biog HistoryAs well as writing many articles on the arts, Sewell also wrote about many popular news topics for the Evening Standard, as well as for other publications. He was often outspoken and his comments prompted many readers to write both in support of his views and against.

Sewell often included the term Pertinax in the titles of many of the draft articles he wrote for the Evening Standard. Although he left no record about why and how he used this, in his 1996 article I'm Not as Bloody-minded as you Think (see BS/5/2/98), Sewell makes reference to the Emperor Pertinax as being his chosen mentor because of the Emperor's 'praiseworthy good sense'. Work on these articles during the process of cataloguing has demonstrated the following:

-Sewell first used the term Pertinax in May 1986, in the title of the article The Common Market: Pertinax - Bona Mens [Latin for 'Good Mind'] I (see BS/5/2/179)
-he used it mainly on articles about popular news topics written for his regular weekly Evening Standard column
-it is always accompanied either by a series of Roman numerals in upper and lower case, or by an Arabic numeral followed by a series of Roman numerals, e.g. Pertinax 02.xxiv. In this example, 02 refers to the year in which the article was written, i.e. 2002, and the Roman numerals denote this as being the twenty-forth article written for the Evening Standard during this period. However, articles dating from 1996 to 2000 following this system are simply numbered consecutively with Roman numerals and there is no mention of the year.

-draft articles, exhibition reviews, and book reviews
-proofs and newscuttings of published articles
-related correspondence
-research material

Unless otherwise stated in the catalogue description, the articles were Sewell's regular weekly opinion piece written for the Evening Standard.
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