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-letter from Conall Macfarlane, dated 15 July 1996, concerning an article about Rubens
-letter from Maggie Makortoff, dated 16 January 2000, thanking Sewell for his obituary of Harry Blacker
-letter from Mary Ann Mallett, undated, concerning Sewell's health, and work at the Evening Standard
-letter from David Manson, dated 30 November 2006, requesting information on a painting by Philip Naviasky
-letter from LM, Earl of March [Charles Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara], dated 16 January 2008, concerning the Cartier Style et Luxe automobile design competition
-letter from Sewell to Bill Martin, dated 21 June 1970, advising that he wishes to discontinue their dealing partnership
-letter from Georges Mathieu, French artist, undated, concerning an article written by Sewell
-letter from Paul Maze, artist, dated 6 June [?], concerning his exhibition
-letter from Ian McAllister, artist, undated, thanking Sewell for attending the opening night of his exhibition
-letter from John McCaffrey, dated 12 March 2015, concerning Sewell's health and advising that Pope Francis blessed a rosary for him
-four letters from David McCann, c 2006-2009, concerning his studies, career, and support from Sewell
-card from Leonard McComb, artist, dated 30 October 2005, concerning a card sent to him by Sewell
-two cards from John McEwen, writer for The Oldie, dated 10 February 2004 and 11 April 2014, expressing his thanks
-three letters and three postcards between Neil McGregor, Director of the National Gallery, and the British Museum, dated 26 February 1991-29 May 2006, concerning Sewell's writing, and lectures
-letter from Jason McKinstry, dated 6 December 2011, concerning various subjects including Tom Lubbock, art critics, Sewell's work, and the artist Cherith McKinstry
-letter from Benjamin McMahon, photographer, undated, concerning photographs of Sewell
-letter from Lewis McNaught, Mall Galleries, dated 16 September 2008, concerning a review written by Sewell
-letter from Josias van der Merve, dated 8 January 1961, concerning their friendship
-two letters from Oliver Millar, art historian and curator, dated 18 December 1980 and 29 August 1988, concerning the relining of some pictures in an exhibition, and thanking Sewell for a review
-letter from Daniel Miller, undated, thanking Sewell and praising his work
-letter (x2) and a handwritten draft of a letter from Sewell, dated 29 July 2010 and undated, to Mrs [Victoria] Miro, gallery owner, concerning comments she made in an interview in The Observer
-three letters from Lord Montagu (Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu), dated 16 February 1995-14 October 2002, concerning Sewell's articles, and cars
-two cards from Martin Mooney, dated c2005, concerning his work
-letter from Will Moore, undated, concerning Sewell writing an article for the Evening Standard
-seven letters (one illustrated), a card, and an illustrated envelope between Sewell and Nicolas Moreton, sculptor, dated 26 June 1994-10 October 2011, concerning Sewell's appearance on the radio programme Desert Island Discs, Moreton's work, and Sewell commissioning him to create a memorial to his dogs
-letter from Piers Morgan, Editor of The Mirror, dated 6 January 2000, thanking Sewell for assisting his mother with her BA degree project
-letter from Lieutenant Colonel R.J. Morrisey Paine, The Life Guards, dated 10 June 1988, concerning an event witnessed by Sewell
-letter from Charlie Mortimer, dated 10 May 2012, author, concerning the launch of his book
-two letters from Sir John Mortimer, barrister, dramatist and author, dated 4 September 1999, concerning the Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth and associated Committee
-letter from Claudia and Fritz Moser, dated 14 September 1992, concerning Robert Paseczki
-three letters and a card from Orlando Mostyn Owen, artist, dated 29 September 2010-18 January 2013, concerning his work, art writing, and Sewell's health
-printed email from Owen Mostyn-Owen, dated 1 June 2011, concerning the death of his father, the art historian William Mostyn-Owen had who worked at Christie's
-letter from William Mostyn-Owen, dated 29 April 2010, concerning art and exhibitions
-three letters and a family tree from Richard Motley, dated 18 January-5 February 2013, concerning artists from the de Breanski family
-letter from Philip Mould, art dealer, dated 14 October 2008, concerning a reception at his gallery about Queen Elizabeth I
-two letters from Julia Mount, dated 26 November 2012 and undated, concerning Sewell's autobiographies, and working together at Christie's
-letter from J.M. Muir, dated 22 January 1995, praising Sewell's writing on contemporary art
-letter from Elizabeth Mulholland, artist, dated 1 November 2011, praising Sewell's support of figurative art
-letter from John Murray, Chairman, John Murray Publishers, dated 16 February [?], concerning Sewell's writing about modern art
-letter from Peter Murray, Director, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, dated 26 October 2005, concerning the exhibition titled 'James Barry (1741-1806): The Great Historical Painter', which Sewell helped to support
Extent1 file (56 letters; 10 cards; 1 draft letter; 1 illustrated envelope; 1 family tree; 1 printed email)
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