Ref NoBS/2/3/16

-two letters from Simon Page, dated 24 February 2013 and undated, concerning his exhibitions
-letter from Emma Parker, ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, dated 24 February 2011 asking Sewell for his selector's written piece. Also includes Sewell's typed notes dated 6 April 2011.
-four letters, one invitation to a private view, and thirty three photographs (some with annotations) from Anthony Montague [Monty] Parkin, artist, dated 20 April 2011-27 February 2012, concerning his work
-card from Andrew Paterson, artist, undated, inviting Sewell to his solo exhibition
-two letters from Angela Patmore, author, dated 9 July 2010 and 28 August 2014, concerning her book about dogs
-letter from Matthew Paton, dated 7 July 2014, concerning Christie's, and Sewell's health
-letter from Keith Patrick, dated 1 September 1986, concerning writing as an art critic
-letter from Ian Partridge, British tenor, dated 7 September [?], concerning music and the Edinburgh Festival
-letter from Sir Les Patterson [Barry Humphries], dated 26 February 1992, concerning Sewell's article about Australians
-letter from Sir Geoffrey Pattie, dated 6 December 2011, concerning an exhibition of his wife's work, the artist Tuema Pattie
-two letters and a draft essay titled 'Curtains and Masks in Vermeer: The Secrets of Three Paintings', from Alan Paul, dated 27 August and 13 October 2004, asking Sewell for an opinion on his research
-letter from Andrew Pearson, dated 20 December 2006, concerning a painting by Anthony Whishaw
-letter from Jenny Pearson, dated 17 January 2007, concerning the memoirs of her late husband, Tony Pearson
-two letters from John Pearson, dated 7 December 2005 and 30 January 2006, concerning his book on the Sitwell family
-seven letters between Sewell and Sir Nicholas Penny, art historian, dated 1 May 1983-11 August 2010, concerning Sewell's writing
-letter from Anthony Perry, husband of the artist Evelyn Williams, dated 28 March 2013, concerning her work
-four letters and a card between Sewell and Deanna Petherbridge, artist and curator, dated 25 November 1999-6 September 2011, concerning her work
-letter from Norman Philbrick, dated 22 February 1978, concerning the cleaning of paintings
-letter from Jean Philpott, S.E. and London Representative, J.R. Whippet Centre, dated 7 March 2005, concerning Sewell's article about dogs
-letter from Stefano Pillinini, dated 23 February 2005, concerning printed material sent to Sewell about John Ruskin and the fall of the Venetian Empire
-letter from Josephine Pithon, dated 10 April 1996, concerning a recipe Sewell mentioned in an article about the South of France
-letter from Victoria Pomery, Director, Turner Contemporary, dated 16 December 2011, concerning the opening of the gallery
-letter from Mungo Powney, artist, dated 21 August 2007, concerning various subjects including his work
-letter from Deda Fezzi Price, dated 26 March 2015, concerning Sewell's work
-letter from Patrick Procktor, artist, dated 29 April 1993, asking Sewell to write a preface to an exhibition catalogue of his work
-two letters between Sewell and Gabrielle Pughe-Morgan, dated 6-10 January 2000, concerning Sewell answering questions for her dissertation
Extent1 file (26 letters; 2 cards; 1 essay; 33 photographs; 1 invitation; 2 pages of typed notes)
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