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-letter from Sewell to Stefan van Raay, Director, Pallant House, dated 26 July 2006, advising that he will no longer bequeath paintings to the gallery
-two letters from Ian Ratcliffe, dated 8 October and 28 December 1998, praising Sewell's articles
-letter from Rosemary Ravenscroft, dated 29 March 2004, concerning an exhibition at her son's gallery, and congratulating Sewell on being awarded the title of Critic of the Year
-letter from Robert Rawlings, dated 6 June 2012, concerning his life and work
-letter from Claire Rayner, writer and broadcaster, dated 29 October 2001, thanking Sewell for writing about the care of the elderly
-letter from Joan Rees, dated 14 March 2015, concerning Sewell's writing
-letter from Nigel Rees, host of the BBC 4 Radio panel show, Quote... Unquote, dated 25 May 2004, concerning an appearance by Sewell
-card from James Reeve, dated 2 June 2011, giving details about a fifth century bishop Sewell had written about
-card from Alex Renton, Editor at the Evening Standard, undated, inviting Sewell to lunch and suggesting he makes use of the paper's car service
-letter from Sewell to David Reynolds, dated 10 June 1990, concerning a book on David Hockney
-two letters from Michael Reynolds, dated 5 March [?] and undated, concerning a conversation he had with Sewell, and looking back over his life (this letter was written the day before Reynolds died)
-letter from Bernard Richards, dated 15 July 2013, concerning the artist L.S. Lowry
-letter from Bill Richards, dated 24 March 2008, three photographs, and a draft press release, all concerning the restoration of The Elfin Oak in Kensington Gardens
-letter from Diana Rigg, actor, undated, concerning a book written by Sewell
-two letters from Gillian Riley, food writer, dated 8 January 1998 and 13 January 1999, concerning her book, and recommending exhibitions about gastronomy
-card from Richard Riley, dated 3 January 2012, concerning Sewell's autobiography
-letter from Luke Ritter, dated 20 November 1984, concerning the Arts Council
-card from Gill Robinson, artist, dated 20 April 2013, concerning her work
-two letters between Sewell and Jeremy Robson, The Robson Press, dated 20 February and 22 February 2015, concerning the possibility of Sewell writing a book on Michelangelo
-letter from Mick Rooney, Chairman of The Society of Tempera Painters (UK), dated 1 May 2001, concerning artists, and visiting the tempera exhibition
-two letters from Sarah Rose, dated 20 March 2008 and 9 March 2012, concerning her collection of works by David Bomberg
-letter from Tom Rosenthal, dated 9 September 1998, praising an article Sewell wrote on anti-semitism
-letter from Sarah Rowlands, dated 24 April 2009, concerning the possibility of her son taking some photographs of Sewell
-two letters and summary of a proposed television documentary from Jonathan Ruffle, BBC, dated 11 October 1994 and 25 January 1995, concerning the Duke of Windsor's Nazi connections
-two letters from Tony Rushton, dated 6 March [?] and 4 September 2014, concerning various subjects including Sewell's health and work
Extent1 file (42 letters; 4 cards; 1 summary document; 3 photographs)
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