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-letter and card from Charles Saatchi, undated, concerning his support for Sewell's writing
-letter from Greta Salevourakis, dated 18 June 1981, describing her travels
-two letters, an invitation and an exhibition catalogue from Michael Sandle, sculptor, dated 21 July 2002-14 January 2012, concerning his work, and Sewell's writing
-letter from John Sandwich, dated 24 January 2000, concerning the possibility of Sewell writing an article for a catalogue of Rosemary Peto's work
-letter from Michael Sangster, artist, dated 26 June 2013, concerning living in Anticello [Italy]
-letter from Kevin Sansom, artist, dated 10 April 2000, thanking Sewell for his analysis
-two letters (one illustrated) from Jack Sawbridge, artist, undated and dated 26 June 2012, concerning his work
-two letters between Sewell and Gert Schiff, dated 11 November 1971 and 28 August 1978, concerning pictures by Fuseli, Westall and Von Holst
-two letters between Sewell and Sheila Schwartz, dated 16 December 1985 and 5 January 1986, concerning a letter to Professor Leo Steinberg enquiring about Methodius of Olympos
-letter from Sewell to Miss Scott, dated 14 March 1993, concerning art therapy
-two letters from Celia Scott, sculptor, dated 24 May and 12 June 2012, concerning an exhibition of her work
-letter and three postcards from David Scrase, Assistant Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, dated 25 March 1987-28 June 2013, concerning various subjects including Sewell's books and reviews
-two letters from Roger Scruton, dated 15 January and 28 January 2000, inviting Sewell to a dinner to encourage non-partisan English patriotism
-letter from Mark Seddon, editor, Tribune, dated 10 May 1999, concerning his support for Sewell
-letter from Dave Selby, dated 2 May 1998, concerning Sewell's appearance on the television programme, Have I Got News for You, and his articles about cars
-letter from Sewell to Bryan Senior, dated 1 February 1983, explaining why he is unable to review an exhibition
-twelve letters between Sewell and Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate Gallery, dated 29 October 1991-3 March 2011, concerning various subjects including Sewell's art collection, contemporary artists, and transport to the gallery
-three letters forwarded to Sewell between Nicholas Serota, Alexander Walker and Simon Wilson, Tate Gallery, dated 22 -28 September 1994, concerning environmental conditions
-letter (x2) from Sewell to Nicholas Shakespeare, dated 12 June 1990, concerning a review
-three letters from Tim Shaw, artist, dated 8 September 2008-26 February 2015, concerning his work and thanking Sewell for his support
-two letters from Nigel Shelley, dated 25 August and 12 September 2006, concerning a bronze discobolus
-catalogue of Anne Shingleton's bronzes (annotated by the artist), dated 24 September 2000
-letter from Charlie Shingleton, dated 24 August 2011, thanking Sewell for encouraging him to pursue a career in writing
-two letters from Alice Sielle, artist, dated 20 December 1997 and 12 January 1998, concerning her work
-six letters and enclosures from Bernard Simons, Solicitor, Simons Muirhead Allan and Burton, dated 4 September-23 December 1985, concerning the possibility of legal action over Waldemar Januszczak's comments about Sewell published in The Guardian on 21 August 1985
-two letters from Peyton Skipworth, writer, dated 11 and 16 November 2014, concerning The Fine Art Society
-letter from Sewell to Mr Smith, dated 20 December 2012, concerning a book review written by Sewell
-letter from Roger Smith, William Heinemann Ltd, dated 13 October 1989, concerning Sewell's writing
-letter, copy newscutting, and photograph from Stuart Smith, sculptor, dated 1 June 2010, concerning his work
-letter from Sewell to Mr Sounes, dated 5 February 2010, concerning paintings by Paul McCartney
-two letters between Sewell and Clair Southwell, dated 3 and 7 July 1996, concerning an invitation to lunch with HRH The Prince of Wales
-letter from Sewell to Mr Speirs, dated 12 January 1993, concerning whale hunting
-letter, exhibition catalogue, flyer, and two sheets of photographs of pictures from Sarah Spencer, artist, dated 11 March 2008, concerning an exhibition of her work
-postcard from Peter Spens, dated 17 April 1997, concerning his show
-five letters from Peregrine Eliot St Germans, 10th Earl of St Germans, dated 26 January 1993-19 September 2006, concerning a painting by Reynolds, the Port Eliot Literary Festival, and the Gifts in Lieu scheme
-letter from Lindsay Stainton, dated 16 February 2008, concerning being a past student of the Courtauld Institute of Art
-three letters between Sewell and Jocelyn Stevens, Rector, Royal College of Art, dated 13 July 1989-14 July 1989, concerning reviews of exhibitions
-two letters from Dennis Stevenson, Tate Gallery, dated 13 August and 18 November 1992, concerning Sewell's writing
-four letters from Leo Stevenson, artist, dated 16 October 2000-18 April 2006, concerning his work
-letter from Sewell to Mr Stewart-Smith, dated 16 April 1994, concerning a debate about architecture
-card from Jan and John Stockton, undated, concerning various subjects including Sewell's television work
-letter and extract of a publication from Anthony Stones, sculptor, dated 24 June 1994, concerning Michelangelo
-three letters from Paul Storey, artist, dated 10 September- 24 September 2012, concerning his work
-letter and two photographs from Nik Strangelove, dated 5 February 2014, concerning his work
-five letters (two drafts by Sewell) and five cards between Sewell and Sir Roy Strong, art historian, curator and writer, dated 16 April 2000-5 November 2014, concerning their work and friendship
-letter from Tom Sutcliffe, The Critic's Circle, dated 27 October 2011, inviting Sewell to become a Centenary Patron
-letter from Denys Sutton, art historian and critic, dated 27 November 1986, concerning Sewell's writing
-letter from Milan Svanderlik, dated 23 August 2013, concerning the arrangements for an interview and the associated photography
-letter and three images from Jason Sweeney, metal sculptor, undated, concerning his work
-letter from Hugo Swire M.P., dated 1 February 2005, concerning his work
-letter from Christopher Sykes, dated 9 January 2008, concerning the possibility of making a documentary about Sewell's life
-letter from David Sylvester, dated 12 June 1992, concerning his catalogue raisonne of Rene Magritte
Extent2 files (95 letters; 11 cards; 5 photographs; 2 exhibition catalogues; 1 flyer; 12 pages of images; 3 published articles)
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