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TitleBaden Powell-Buzas

-letter from Sir Robert Crause Baden-Powell, 3rd Baron Baden-Powell, dated 22 October 2014, concerning various subjects including health, friends and dogs
-letter from Jim Baird, dated 9 February 1974, concerning the purchase of a picture
-letter from Juliet Bareau, art historian, dated 26 May 1986, praising a review by Sewell
-three letters between Sewell and Nicolas Barker, dated 24 February-13 July 2015, concerning various subjects including Sewell's writing and working together at Christie's
-letter from Sewell to Paul Barker (x2), journalist, dated 14 August 1987, concerning writing for the Evening Standard
-letter from Sebastian Barker, Editor, The London Magazine, dated 5 June 2006, concerning the magazine
-letter from Gerald Barnett, dated 6 February 1996, concerning his support for Sewell's article about the decline of spoken English published in the Sunday Telegraph
-two letters from Dr. Wendy Baron, Curator of the Government Art Collection, dated 14 August 1990 and 22 June 2001, thanking Sewell for his support as a committee member of the Government Art Collection, and concerning a painting by Ginner sold in Sotheby's sale of 4 July 2001
-letter from Patrick Barrett, gilder and finisher, dated 25 May 2011, concerning the costs of frames supplied to Sewell
-two letters exchanged between Sewell and Stephen Barton, Head of Fellowship, Royal Society of Arts, dated 23 January and 31 January 2008, concerning membership as a Fellow
-letter from Tim Bathurst, David Carritt Limited, dated 26 May [?], concerning a review written by Sewell
-letter from Stanley Baxter, dated 12 December 2008, thanking Sewell for an article he had written for Radio Times
-postcard from Dr. Geoffrey Beard, author, dated 5 November 1982, thanking Sewell for a review of his book on Wren
-two letters from Giles de la Beyorere, artist, dated 15 May 1987 and 5 April [?], concerning his work
-letter and exhibition catalogue from Deborah van der Beek, sculptor, dated 18 September 2008, concerning an exhibition of her work
-letter and a postcard from Guy Beggs, artist, dated 27 May 1997, concerning his work
-four letters (one draft by Sewell) between Tim Behrens, artist, and Sewell, dated 25 January-14 March 1989, concerning Sewell's fellow students at the Courtauld Institute of Art
-letter from Julian Bell, artist, dated 14 February 1996, requesting Sewell's opinion of his work
-letter from Richard Bell, artist, undated, thanking Sewell for his support
-postcard from Oliver Bernard, poet and translator, dated 25 May 1996, concerning an article written by Sewell
-letter from Andrew Billen, Assistant Editor, Observer Magazine, dated 21 August 1989, concerning an article about Anthony Blunt
-letter from Rosia Binas, dated 4 April 1986, concerning paintings by Michael Robinson
-two letters (one has first page only) from Molly Birkett, dated 25 September 1983 and 10 May 1990, concerning various subjects including travel to Turkey, her health and the arts
-letter and photocopies of six black and white images from Peter Blensdorf, dated 11 March 2010, concerning the work of his sculptor father, Ernst Blensdorf
-letter from Geoffrey Bond, Chairman of the Livery Committee, dated 31 May 2012, inviting Sewell to the opening of an exhibition titled Butcher, Baker, Candlestick-maker: 850 Years of London Livery Company Treasures on 22 June 2012
-letter from Christopher Booker, dated 27 May 1996, concerning Sewell leaving the Sunday Telegraph
-letter from Simon Books, artist, dated 5 February 2012, concerning his work
-letter from Maureen Borland, dated 8 January 1997, concerning an application to English Heritage to erect a blue plaque on the former Hampstead home of D.S. MacColl
-letter from Anne Marie Borsboom, Chair, The Filip Foundation, concerning a message from Michael Reynolds to Sewell
-letter from Nick Botting, artist, dated 3 October 2012, concerning Sewell's reviews
-two cards and two letters from Chris Bramham, artist, dated 9 December 2002-c2012, concerning Sewell's reviews and Bramham's friendship with Lucian Freud
-letter from Rodney Brangwyn, dated 14 May 2000, asking for advice regarding a suitable venue to stage an exhibition of Frank Brangwyn's works
-twenty-four letters between Dick Brewis and Sewell, dated 17 July 1981-1 August 1982, concerning research for a book on Herman Woolf
-four letters and twenty colour photos from Eoghan Bridge, artist and sculptor, dated 10 July 1989-7 October 1989, concerning his work
-letter from Hugh Brigstocke, Acting Director, City of York Art Gallery, dated 14 April 1967, returning a book loaned by Sewell
-four letters and two postcards from Anita Brookner, writer, dated 19 August 1997-21 December 2014, concerning Sewell's writing and health
-letter from Jerry Brotton, dated 16 Feburary 2006, concerning the dispersal of King Charles I's art collection
-postcard from Simon Broughton, undated, concerning travel and Sewell's books
-letter from Sarah Brown, The Press Officer, Ashmolean Museum, dated 15 October 1999, inviting Sewell to Oxford to review the museum's exhibitions
-four letters from Jochen Bruns, dated 3 December 1987-28 February 1989, concerning the artist Ernst Oppler
-postcard from Dora Bryan, actress, dated 24 August [?], concerning animal welfare
-letter from W. I. [Reverend William] Bulman, dated 13 July 1949, thanking Sewell for a gift
-letter from Philippa Burton, The Henley Centre, dated 9 August 2000, forwarding executive interview questions, and Sewell's responses, dated 13 August 2000
-letter from Stefan Buzas, architect, dated 10 July [?], concerning sculptures by Rebul
Extent1 file (84 letters; 9 cards; 1 exhibition catalogue; 20 images; 2 interview responses)
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