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-two letters between Sewell and Leslie Waddington, Waddington Galleries Ltd, dated 10 April and 17 April 1989, concerning a declined lunch invitation
-two letters between Sir Peter Wakefield, Director, National Art Collections Fund, undated and dated 15 February 1991, concerning an invitation to give a lecture
-letter from Hermione Waterfield, writer, dated 30 January 1996, concerning a mutual friend and Sewell's health
-letter from David Cameron Watt, dated 26 June [?], concerning Sewell's writing, and proposing a book about art plundered by the Nazi's
-letter from George Weissbort, dated 21 September 1989, concerning a review written by Sewell about photography
-letter from Veronica Weller, Taschen, dated 4 January 2010, thanking Sewell for his positive review of a book published on Caravaggio
-three letters between Sewell and Sir Hugh Wontner, dated 21 November 1987 and 18 January 1988, concerning the artist Daniel Stringer
-letter from Sir Arnold Wesker, dramatist, dated 27 December 1997, concerning the artist John Lavrin
-letter from Keith West, dated 15 May 2012, concerning various subjects including his work, and Sewell's memoirs
-letter from Nigel West, dated 20 May 1981, concerning a meeting with Anthony Blunt
-letter from Benjamin Whitrow, undated, concerning Sewell's article about Tracey Emin
-letter from John Whittall, artist, dated 10 January 2013, concerning various subjects including Sewell's books
-letter from Colin Wiggins, Curator, The National Gallery, undated, concerning an unnamed exhibition
-letter from Robin Wight, dated 6 May 2003, concerning meeting with Sewell to discuss the arts
-letter from Jacob Willer, artist, undated, concerning his work
-letter from Graham Williams, Managing Director, Bibendum, undated, concerning the quality of food at the restaurant
-letter from Len Williams, dated 22 May 1994, concerning Sewell's work, and his views on modern art
-card from Nicholas Charles Williams, artist, undated, concerning Sewell's health
-letter from Sally Williams, dated 19 August 2011, concerning arrangements for the judging of the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition on Monday 5 September 2011. Also includes Sewell's typed list of judges.
-letter from Edward Winters, University of Westminster, dated 8 August 1997, concerning the definition of ekphrasis
-letter from Christopher Wilson, dated 5 October 1989, concerning a book about Peter Langan
-four letters between Sewell and Jens Wollesen, dated 3 February 1992-18 May 2010, and a newspaper cutting, and two published articles written by Wollesen, concerning various subjects including their work, health, and meeting up
-four cards, an invitation, an exhibition catalogue, and five letters from John Wonnacott, artist, undated, concerning various subjects including his art education and work, and Sewell's writing
-letter from Claire Woodage, Administrator, The Sir Alfred Munnings Art Museum, dated 26 February 1998, concerning their collection
-two cards from Robbie Wraith, artist, undated, concerning his work
-three letters, a photograph of a car, and details of a car for sale, from David Wyld, dated 13 January-4 February 2015 concerning various subjects including Sewell's health, cars, and the sale of a 1938 Rolls-Royce previously owned by Benjamin Britten
Extent1 file (37 letters; 7 cards; 1 photograph; 1 newscutting; 2 published articles, 1 promotional flyer; 1 advert for a car)
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