Ref NoBS/2/3/24
TitleLetters to Sewell from unidentified individuals
DescriptionIncludes the following material arranged alphabetically by forename:

-three letters from Alexander A[?], dated 8 November 2014-11 May 2015, concerning various subjects, including his work as an artist, and the art world
-letter from Alexander S[?], dated 4 April 2000, concerning an article written by Sewell
-letter in French from Andre [?] dated 20 October 2009, an order of service, and a newspaper cutting relating to the funeral of Carlos van Hasselt
-letter from Ben [?], dated 15 January 1992, concerning various artists and sales
-letter from Bernard [?], dated 16 December 2003, concerning an invitation to a meeting of a discussion group at the Savile Club
-letter from Brian [?], dated 21 October 2001, concerning sculpture designs by Canova for Nelson's tomb
-letter from Charles [?], dated 16 April 2015, concerning various subjects including the Bauhaus in Munich in the 1930s
-postcard from Charles [?], undated, concerning Sewell's health
-postcard with original watercolour picture from Daniel [?], dated 15 May [?], concerning Sewell's health
-letter from David [?], dated 10 May 2014, concerning his health
-letter from David [?], undated, concerning Christian beliefs
-letter from Dick [?] on Agnew's headed paper, dated 14 December 1999, concerning a review written by Sewell
-letter from Duncan [?], dated 13 November 2011, concerning his work
-three letters and three postcards from Eliot [?], dated 1 August 1972-8 May 1978, concerning various subjects including his tempera pictures, and doctors
-letter from Emily B[?], undated, concerning Sewell's work, and his health
-letter from Gabor [?], dated 24 March 1988, concerning a possible visit
-letter from Gavin[?], dated 3 June 2014, concerning his friendship with Sewell
-postcard from [?] Hall, 10 June 1992, concerning arrangements for a lunch invitation
-letter from Jacqui [?], dated 30 April 1984, concerning Sewell's friendship and support for Tom [?]
-letter from Jane B[?], dated 9 February 2009, and an article by Michael Holroyd concerning sitting for the painter Michael Reynolds
-letter from Jed [?], undated, concerning Sewell's appearance on the BBC Radio 4 programme, Loose Ends
-letter from John [?], dated 22 April 1996, concerning Sewell buying a drawing of himself
-letter from Judy [?], concerning Sewell's work, and the possibility of meeting
-postcard from Juliet [?], dated 12 September 1987, concerning a review written by Sewell about Master drawings
-letter from Kathy Y[?], undated, concerning a review written by Sewell on Raphael
-letter from Malcolm [?], c14 July 1954, concerning various subjects including a birthday present for Sewell
-two letters from Max and Penny [?], dated 30 January and 5 February 2002, concerning a speech Sewell gave at the National Gallery
-illustrated letter from Meg [?], dated 3 April 2015, concerning various subjects including the art establishment
-two letters from Michael [?], dated 24 March and 22 August 1977, concerning various subjects including Sewell's reviews, art education, and exhibitions
-letter from Michael [?], dated 4 January 1958, concerning his decision to become a Minister
-letter from Midge [?], dated 13 August 1998, concerning an unnamed artist
-letter from Pande[?], dated 19 February 2004, concerning a trip to India, and the Kalash language
-postcard from Patricia [?], dated 23 November 1994, concerning working for the Financial Times
-postcard from Renee and Rosie [?], dated 15 June 1986, concerning their new home
-letter from Ryan [?], artist, dated 14 December 2003, concerning his work
-letter from Sheila [?], dated 14 November 1990, concerning various subjects including Sewell's writing, and various mutual friends, including Anthony Blunt
-letter from Sigrid [?], dated 3 June 2003, concerning the Tate
-letter from Simon [?], dated 25 May 1993, concerning a meal he shared with Sewell
-letter from Ted [?], dated 3 July [?], concerning Barocci drawings
-letter from Valerian [?], dated 3 July 1993, concerning various subjects including travel
-large hand illustrated card from Wilfred [?], undated, sending Christmas greetings

Also includes the following material from correspondees it has not been possible to identify:

-letter (first page only) dated 31 October 1974, concerning an image of an oil sketch used for the Canons'[?] ceilings
-letter dated 28 June 1987, concerning the death of Eliot [?]
-postcard dated 14 September 1987, concerning a visit to Rome
-letter dated 14 June 1991, concerning an artist's image of the Evening Standard newsroom
-card from 'A Grateful Reader', dated 9 August 1991, concerning an article written by Sewell
-postcard dated 24 January 2000, concerning a loan of money
-large letter with water colour illustrations, dated 28 May 2008, concerning art and whippets [dogs]
-letter dated 20 November 2013, concerning a game of golf
-letter dated 27 June [?], concerning guests at an event attended by Sewell
-postcard, undated, concerning the Tate
Extent1 file (46 letters; 14 cards)
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