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-three letters and an extract from a DPhil dissertation from Hannelore Hagele, Wolfson College, Cambridge, dated 13 April 1999-19 August 2014, concerning her studies
-letter from Libby Hall, dated 13 January [?], concerning various subjects including Sewell's articles
-letter from Andrew Halls, Head Master, King's College School, dated 11 June 2008, concerning a school visit to Radicofani, Italy
-three letters from Roxana Halls, artist, dated 15 May 1997-5 September 2011, inviting Sewell to exhibitions of her work
-four letters and six postcards from Maggi Hambling, artist, dated 19 October 1987-31 October 2014, concerning various subjects including their work and shared love of dogs
-postcard and letter (x2) between Sewell and Alan Hamerman, dated 23 and 25 September 1993, concerning the Metropolitan Museum, and the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery
-two letters between Sewell and Peter Hamilton, Headmaster, The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, dated 30 January 2008, concerning Sewell writing a testimonial for the school
-letter (first page only) from Stephen Hammond M.P., dated 9 May 2008, concerning The Animal Welfare Act 2006
-three letters between Sewell and Harry Hancock, artist, and eight colour photographs of the latter's works, dated 4 April-1 September 2012, concerning Hancock's art
-letter from Guy Hannen, 24 February 1967, concerning a copy of the Colnaghi Dictionary
-letter from Marcelle Hanselaar, artist, dated 5 April 2008, concerning an exhibition of his work
-letter from Rani Hansen, dated 21 April [?], concerning the possibility of renting a room from Sewell
-letter from Egon Hanfstaengl, dated 13 June 1958, concerning communication
-letter from G. Laurence Harbottle, dated 5 December 1991, concerning an exhibition
-letter from Dr R.D. Harley, Senior Lecturer, Conservation of Paintings, Gateshead Technical College, dated 7 June 1982, concerning research on the paint colour lead yellow
-letter and information sheet from Charles Harris, artist, dated 23 January 2014, concerning his work
-two letters from Philip Harris, artist, dated 3 March and 17 March 2011, concerning his work
-letter from Colin Harrison, Senior Curator of European Art, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, dated 10 September 2014, concerning an acquisition
-two letters from Nick Hartley, dated 10 and 14 March 2011, concerning the death of his uncle, Alan Harverson
-letter from R. Harvey, James Smith & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd, dated 27 February 2015, concerning a book written by Sewell
-two letters from Gerard Hastings, dated 14 March 2011 and 17 May 2012, concerning the artist Keith Vaughan
-letter from Paul Hawdon, artist, dated 6 March 2006, concerning an exhibition of his work
-two letters from Eric Hebborn, artist, dated [?] September 1971 and 30 October 1990, concerning the purchase of some drawings, and his work
-postcard from Drue Heinz, dated July 2005, inviting Sewell to visit
-two letters from Cate Henderson, dated 14 May and 16 June 2015, concerning their shared experiences whilst travelling and filming in the 1990s
-letter from Ben Henriques, artist, dated 6 August 1998, inviting Sewell to supper to meet John Hayes
-letter from Simon Dee [Nicholas Henty-Dodd], television interviewer and radio disc jockey, dated 8 January 2004, apologising for not meeting Sewell after recording a television programme
-two letters between Sewell and Josef Herman, artist, dated 3 March and 4 March 1989, concerning Philip Solomon
-letter from P.A. Hetherington, Rawlinson and Hunter Chartered Accountants, dated 7 February 1969, concerning Sir William Butlin's art adviser
-letter from Robert Hewison, cultural historian, dated 15 March 2000, concerning the loan of a drawing to an exhibition titled 'Ruskin, Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites'
-letter from Christiane Heyn, Press and Communications, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, undated, concerning events and exhibitions in Dresden, Germany
-letter from David Hills, undated, concerning his work and books written by Sewell
-letter from [Lord] Charlie Hindlip, Hindlip Fine Art Ltd, dated 5 January 2012, concerning a painting by Claude
-letter from Kim Hoare (ex-Peat), dated 6 November 2014, concerning Sewell's health and her memories of working with him at Channel 5
-postcard from Min Hogg, journalist, dated 22 May 2000, concerning the death of an unnamed friend
-letter from Michael Holroyd, author, dated 24 January 2009, concerning Michael Reynolds
-letter and a postcard from Thelma Holt, theatre producer, dated 3 March and 27 October 2008, concerning Sewell's writing, and health
-two letters between Sewell and John Hoole, Curator, Barbican Art Gallery, dated 1 November and 19 November 1990, concerning the Barbican's exhibition titled 'Chagall to Kitaj'
-letter from Augustine Hope, dated 9 December 2013, concerning the death of Polly Hope
-letter from Polly Hope, artist, dated 29 January 2005, concerning Sewell's writing and her work
-letter from Ken Howard, artist, dated 4 January 2013, concerning the work of Eric Hebborn
-letter from Caro Howell, Director, The Foundling Museum, dated 24 May 2012, concerning an exhibition titled 'The Triumph of Pleasure: Vauxhall Gardens 1729-1786'
-postcard from Christopher Hudson, Evening Standard, dated 16 September 2002, praising a column written by Sewell
-letter from Bernard E.O. Hunter, dated 20 July [?], concerning various topics including Sewell's books
-letter and picture list from Michael Hunter, Curator, English Heritage, dated 14 February 2006, concerning Sewell's visit to Osborne House, Isle of Wight, and German pictures in the Royal Collection
-letter from Victoria Huntington-Whiteley, dated 11 March 2002, concerning articles written by Sewell about dogs
-letter from Sewell to Miss Hussain, dated 11 November 1992, concerning the art critic Peter Fuller
Extent1 file (63 letters; 11 cards; 8 photographs; 1 dissertation extract)
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