Ref NoBS/3/1
TitleTravel journals
DescriptionDuring the period 1977 to 1999, Sewell used a series of notebooks, desk diaries, and excerpts removed from notebooks, as journals to record the visits he made to various locations. He often re-used stationery and as many of his entries were made in old, previously used and unused diaries, the printed dates given in them do not always correspond with the actual date of the trips. In addition, he often used a single journal to record visits to several different places, so it is important to locate the beginning of each entry in order to fully understand his notes.

Some of the entries Sewell made about his travels are comprehensive and include descriptions of his activities, the places he visited, full details of dates, and in some cases, small drawings he made of things he found interesting and wished to record. Others are less descriptive, and the only indication of the dates of each visit can be found recorded on the title page of the journal. Only the locations that Sewell recorded in detail are listed in the catalogue descriptions. As his handwriting is sometimes difficult to read and the names he recorded are anglicised versions of foreign place names, it has not been possible to identify every location. As well as providing details of where he went, the journals sometimes also provide a written record of his feelings and his health.

Sewell often used his journals to record details of the places he visited in preparation for writing an article or a book, or a television programme about travel. Where it has been possible to identify such entries, these have been cross-referenced with the relevant material in this collection.

Three of the travel journals (BS/3/1/2, BS/3/1/3, and BS/3/1/9) have been closed under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) because they include sensitive personal information about identifiable living individuals. This decision to close them will be reviewed in 2030.
Extent15 journals; 2 journal extracts
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