Ref NoBS/3/2
TitleArticles on travel
DescriptionThe material in this series comprises articles (published and unpublished) written by Sewell about travel to specific locations.

Sewell generally wrote his articles using a typewriter, but this series also includes a few handwritten drafts. The draft articles he wrote are all clearly titled, dated, and most record the name of the publication they were written for, although many were given different titles when published.

The articles were written for different purposes: some were specially commissioned, for example, by the Sunday Times, Departures, and Cornucopia; some were written as special features and are much longer pieces, for example the articles about Aphrodisias and Turkey by Gulet; and others were written following invitations from tourist boards or travel companies to visit specific places. Sewell also filed related correspondence, research notes, photographs, and drawings with his articles. As he often recorded his travels in his journals (BS/3/1 Travel Journals), where it has been possible to do so, any journal entries which can be linked to a particular article have been cross-referenced, so the two series should be consulted together.

During the process of cataloguing, it was noted that this series is not comprehensive: it contains correspondence and notes relating to named articles for which no drafts or published copies have been found.

The material in this series has been arranged as follows:

Files - Sewell routinely filed all of his articles and related materials into A4 brown envelopes which he arranged alphabetically by article title. The articles on travel have been rearranged into an alphabetical sequence by the name of the country as recorded by Sewell at the time of writing. The titles Sewell allocated to envelopes containing many articles about a particular location have been retained, for example, Turkey: Aphrodisias and Turkey: Cappadocia.

Articles - Sewell's article titles have been listed in chronological order within the description field for each catalogue entry. Where multiple copies of an article exist (typed, handwritten drafts and the final published form), two copies of each have been retained and are filed together.

Accompanying materials - Any significant correspondence sent to/by Sewell, his hand-written research notes, travel itineraries, photographs, etc, all of which relate to his travels, have been listed in the description field for the related articles.
Extent14 files
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