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Title66 Frognal: G.H. Walford papers (part 5)
Admin/Biog History66 Frognal in Hampstead, London, was a private house designed by Colin Lucas (of Connell, Ward and Lucas) in 1936-1938 and commissioned by Geoffrey Walford, a solicitor, his wife, Ursula, and her four children from a previous marriage. The project involved lengthy delays in the planning application process involving Hampstead Borough Council and strong opposition from architects and local residents and the case appeared regularly in the press. The case was referred to the London County Council (LCC) for a decision. It was initially passed but the case then went to arbitration and went in favour of the opposition. Walford then took the case to High Court, where he won, and the project finally went ahead.

Contractors Y.J. Lovell and son were employed and the project was completed in 1939. On the outbreak of the Second World War (1939-1945) the Walfords evacuated the house and LCC took possession to use the building as a fire alarm station. In 1942 the railings from the house were salvaged for the war effort.

In 1943 Walford (who remained close with Lucas and his family) sold the property (at a loss) for £6750 to Sir Richard Acland, MP. In 1973 the house was Grade II listed and became Grade II* listed in 1999. Trevor Dannatt also made changes to the house which are thought to have been approved of by Connell, Ward and Lucas. In 2000 Avanti Architects adapted the house for new owners whilst being considerate of the original design.
DescriptionContains legal papers compiled and submitted during the arbitration proceedings of G.H. Walford. and F.J. Wills held at the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division.

Material includes:

-Instructions to Counsel to advise on procedure against [F.J.] Wills, dated 19 October 1936 (x2)
-Instructions to Counsel to advise on [F.J.] Will's letter of 14 November 1936, dated 18 November 1936 (x2)
-Instructions to Counsel to advise on breakdown of negotiations, dated 1 December 1936 (x2)
-Instructions to Counsel to settle writ, dated 3 December 1936 (x2)
-Draft letter to F.J. Wills, Esq., F.R.I.B.A., dated 7 December 1936
-Instructions to Counsel to settle terms of Reference for Arbitration, dated 11 December 1936 (x2)
-Writ of Summons issued to Jane Flood and Ernest Lawrence Farman, dated 2 February 1937
-Instructions to Counsel to settle Statement of Claim, dated 8 February 1937
-Memorandum of Agreement made between Walford and Wills, dated 17 February 1937 (x2)
-Case for G.H. Walford, dated March 1937
-Award of Charles Henry Holden, dated 31 March 1937
-Correspondence between Geoffrey Walford and Frederick Wills, dated 16-28 April 1937 (x2)
-Instructions to Counsel to Settle Notice of Motion, dated 28 April 1937 (x2)
-Brief on Hearing of the Motion on behalf of Mr G.H. Walford, undated [c. May 1937] (x2)
-Notice of Motion, undated [c. May 1937] (x2)
-Affidavit of Geoffrey Hugh Walford Esq., dated 3 May 1937 (x2)
-Affidavit of William Richard Semken, dated 7 May 1937 (x2)
-Mr G. H. Walford's comments on Affidavit of Mr R.W. Semken of 7th May 1937, undated (x2)
-Affidavit of Frederick John Wills Esq., dated 10 May 1937 (x2)
-Joint Affidavit of Geoffrey Hugh Walford and Basil Robert Ward, dated 10 May 1937 (x2)
-Bill of Costs of the Appellant Mr G.H. Walford, dated 18 May 1937
-Order, dated 18 May (x2)
-Taxing Master's Certificate, dated 30 June 1937
-Receipt for Counsel's and other fees, dated June 1937

See DCS/2/7/23 & 24 for the accompanying documents which were submitted during the arbitration proceedings to give background information to the acquisition of the land and plans to build 66 Frognal
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