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TitleRejected entries
DescriptionThis file contains research notes for potential entries which were rejected by Haldin as the artists did not meet the criteria for inclusion. These entires are clearly labelled by Haldin but the exact parameters of her criteria are not explicitly stated (with the exception of those artists that were born after 1850 or those that were male). The actual notes are the same in layout to those in the main A-Z listings (see series DLH/3).

The reasons for non-inclusion and the artists in that category are listed below.

Artists who fall outside of the pre-1850 timeframe:

-Daniel-Klein, Stephanie (later Mme. Couder) [19th century] (2pp)
-Delacroix-Garnier, Mme. Pauline (1863-1912)
-Delattre, Mlle. Mathilde (born 1871)
-Desprez-Bourdon, Mlle. Jeanne Claire Antoinette (born 1876)

Artists who were designated as amateurs:

-list with various names (1p)
-Agnew, Miss Caroline [op. c 1874] (no notes; 1 letter)
-Baader, Amelie (later Schotten) (1763-1840)
-Beauclerk, Lady Diana (1734-1808) (3pp)
-Berche, Caroline van den (1794-1855)
-Billy, Mlle. F. de (op. 1752-1775)
-Borch, Gesina ter. (or Terborch) (1633-1690)
-Brewer, Mrs. [18th century]
-Bury, Mrs. (op. 1831-1837)
-Byrne, Anne Frances (1775-1837) (2pp)
-Byrne, Letitia (1779-1849)
-Curran, Amelia (died 1847)
-Dickens, Mrs. T. [19th century]
-Dubois, Mrs. Cornelius [19th century]

Artists who were male:

-Dabrowski, Bonaventura [c 1805-c 1861]
-Duparc, Marie Alexandre [18th century-19th century]
-Kettle, Tilly (no notes; 1 image)

Artists who could not be traced:
(these entries were found bundled together, so while not all are marked 'cannot trace' it is assumed they were collected together for this reason)

-list with various names beginning with B (2pp)
-Baesten, Maria [early-19th century]
-Bachta, Eva [19th century]
-Baret du Coudert, Mlle. Josephine-Marie (née Rozier) (born 1832)
-Bariot, Mlle. Laure [19th century]
-Baubry-Vaillant, Mme. Adelaide [19th century] (2pp)
-Beck, Anna [early-18th century]
-Becker, Mme. B. [19th century]
-Beetz, Eliza [19th century]
-Befort, Mlle. [19th century]
-Benoit, Marguerite Marie [19th century]
-Berg, Agatha Catherina (1777-1848)
-Berg (or Akersloot-Berg), Betzy Renola (born 1850) (2pp)
-Bergier, Marguerite Juliette (née Koch) [c 1833-1878]
-Bertaud, Mlle. Rosalie
-Bertaut, Marie Henriette [19th century] (3pp)
-Berthon, Mlle. Sidonie (1817-1871)
-Besnard, Mme. Charlotte-Gabrielle [19th century-20th century] (2pp)
-Bibron, Mme. Jenny (née Belloc) [19th century]
-Bichardière, Mlle. de la (died 1786)
-Bidauld, Mme. J.B. Giumet Rosalie (or Zelia) (1798-1876) (2pp)
-Bloch, Mme. Elisa [19th century] (2pp)
-Boetzel, Mlle H.
-Bois, Catherine du [18th century]
-Bossi, Laura de [15th century]
-Bouilh, Mlle. Gabrielle Marie [19th century]
-Bouilh, Mlle. Marie-Berthe [19th century]
-Bourge, Mme. de [19th century]
-Boutin, Mlle. Lucie Alexandre Antoinette [19th century]
-Bowes, Mme. Josèphine [19th century]
-Box, Magdalena (1775-1820)
-Boyer, Marie Leontine Simon [19th century]
-Breslau, Louise [19th century] (4pp)
-Brainclaire, Mlle. Elizabeth [mid-18th century]
-Brunel, Suzanne [19th century]
-Bruyere, Mme. Elise (née Lebarbier) [18th century] (3pp)
-Byss, Maria Helana (1670-1726)
-list with various names beginning with B & D
-list with various names beginning with D (2pp)
-Daehne, Anna Julia Marie Müller von (1787-1857)
-Dalpayrat, Mme. Anna [19th century]
-Daudet, Mlle. Bertha [19th century]
-De Fresne (or Du Fresne) [17th century]
-Delacroix-Garnier, Mme. Pauline [19th century-20th century]
-Delattre, Mlle. Thérèse [19th century]
-Dubost, Mlle. and Delonne [19th century] (on same page)
-Delorme, Lucie [19th century]
-Delorme-Cornet, Mme. L. [20th century]
-Demarcy, Antoinette Louise [19th century]
-Demarne, Mlle. Caroline [19th century]
-Demasur, Mlle. Marie Mathilde Virginie [19th century]
-Denécheau, Elizabeth Felicité [19th century]
-Denois, Mlle. Lucille [19th century]
-De Salle, Mme. Alice (née Stroobant)
-Destigny, Mlle. Lucie [19th century]
-Devèria, Mlle. Laure (1813-1838)
-Didier, Dame [late-18th century]
-Dieterle, Mme. Marie (née van Macke) [19th century]
-Dieterle, Marie [19th century] (2pp)
-Dietzsch (or Dietsch), Margaretha Barbara (1726-1795)
-Dietzsch (or Dietsch), Susanna Maria (op. 1790)
-Douchez-Vandelen, Mlle. Cornelle (op. 1710)
-Dricksz, Angela Maria [op. c 1630-1633]
-Drouin, Mlle. C. [19th century]
-Dubois d'Avesnes, Marguerite (or Fanny)
-Dubray, Charlotte Gabrielle [19th century]
-Dubreau, Mme. [19th century]
-Dubos, Mlle Angèle [born c 1844]
-Duchemin, Catherine (1630-1698)
-Duclos, Marie Adelaide Louise [18th century]
-Duclos-Cahon, Mme. Marie (born 1845) (3pp)
-Ducluzeau [19th century]
-Du Plessis (or Duplessis), Mlle. [mid-18th century]
-Duvivier, Bouborg Anthonie
-Dyck, Anna van
Date[c 1950s-c 1973]
Extent1 file
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