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TitleGainsborough, Thomas, 1727-1788; Portraits B

-summary description of a portrait of Sir Francis Basset
-letter from Christie's, dated 7 August 1957, concerning portraits of the Balfour and Leigh families by Gainsborough. Also mentions a picture of The Young Pretender by Quentin de la Tour.
-letter from an unidentified individual, dated 30 June 1976, containing information about a portraitof Joseph Banks as a young man at Parham Park
-letter from Eveyln Joll, Agnew's, dated 12 August 1955, concerning a portrait of Lambe Barry
-transcriptions of four original receipts for portraits of The Duke Bedford, commissioned by The Duke of Bedford, dated 1764-1769. Also includes covering note from Gladys Scott Th(?), dated 4 June 1956
-letter from Rosetta M. Goode, dated 15 May 1962, concerning a portrait of Mrs Bedingfield. Also includes a summary description of the portrait, including details of ownership and exhibition history; and the transcription of an extract from an original letter from Sarah Chawner, dated 1877, concerning the character of Mrs Bedingfield's daughter.
-letter from Peter Bell, dated 21 June 1972, concerning portraits of the Bell family
-letter from Archie A DeAngelis, Florida Distributors, dated 25 July 1972, concerning a portrait of Dr Birch
-letter from Evelyn Joll, Agnew's, dated 11 December 1962, concerning a portrait of Colonel Boone
-flyer advertising events at Gainsborough's House, July - September 1984
-letter from Tom Hartnett, Senior Appraiser, Internal Revenue Services in Washington, dated 28 April 1972, concerning a portrait of Captain Bragge. Also includes list of members of the Commissioner's Art Advisory Panel
-letter from David Erskine, dated 14 May 1958, concerning a portrait of the 3rd Earl of Bristol
-letter from Christie's, dated 28 May 1958, concerning details of a sale at Christie's held in 1834
-letter from an Assistant Keeper at the Tate Gallery, dated 5 July 1957, concerning a portrait of the 3rd Earl of Bristol
-two letters from Christie's, dated 18 October & 2 December 1954, concerning a Portrait of an Officer, sold at auction in 1921. Also includes a copy of a letter from A.T. Tansley, Auction, Valuation & Estate Offices in Brighton, dated 29 November 1954, concerning the same portrait
-letter from William Dean, University of Toronto, dated 10 March 1972, concerning a portrait of Mr Burr
-photograph of an original letter written by William Roberts, dated 19 July 1927, concerning the attribution of a portrait of Mr Burr
-two letters from Renee Free, Art Gallery of New South Wales, dated 14 September 1966 and 27 April 1967, concerning a portrait of Mrs Henry/Humphry Burroughs. Also includes copies of Waterhouse's replies concerning the same portrait; and photostats of a summary description compiled by the Fisher Gallery, and a letter by William Roberts, dated 16 January 1939 both concerning the portrait
-letter from S. Lane Faison, Director of Lawrence Art Museum, Massachussetts, dated 24 October 1957, concerning a portrait of Mr Butcher
-summary description of a portrait of Robert Butcher
-letter from Mary Woodall, Keeper, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, dated 22 January 1948, concerning a portrait of a Miss Butler. Also mentions a work titled 'Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher.
-copy of the following pamphlet: Wark, Robert R. 1963. 'Gainsborough's Blue Boy', San Marino: Huntingdon Library & Art Gallery
-letter from H.W.E. Leslie, Somerset, dated 23 September 1960, concerning the portrait 'Blue Boy'
-letter from Ida Gandy, Wiltshre, dated 12 April 1961, concerning a portrait of George Byam. Also includes postcard containing a post script to the letter.
-copy of an unidentified article entitled: 'A Gainsborough Brought to Light - on Loan to the Tate Gallery'
-copy of the following journal article: R.R.T. 1935. 'The Byam Family: by Thomas Gainsborough' Appollo, February 1935, pp72-75

Extent1 file (110 images; 25 letters; 4 summary picture descriptions; 4 transcriptions; 2 journal articles; 1 pamphlet; 1 flyer; 1 list)
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