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TitleGainsborough, Thomas, 1727-1788; Portraits C

-letter from Judith Metcalfe, Phillips Autctioneers, dated 28 January 1980, concerning a portrait of Sir Frederick Campbell
-letter from Stphen M Nagy, University of California, dated 6 January 1978, concerning a portrait of Samuel Campbell
-photostat of the following journal article: Manning, G.T. (1885) 'The Gainsborough Exhibition. Who was Mrs Carr?'. Essex Notebook and Suffolk Gleaner, 6 Jan 1885, p51
-two letters from David Posnett, The Leger Galleries, dated 26 April & 15 June 1983 and a letter from Hugh Belsey, Curator of Ganisborough's House, dated 15 June 1983 concerning the identity of the sitters in a portrait said to be of Mr and Mrs Carter. Also includes transcript of a letter from Vanda Foster, Asssistant Keeper of Costume at the Museum of London, dated 10 July 1983, concerning the dress in the portrait; two family trees and a summary description of the portrait
-research note recording details of a portrait of Mr Chadwick sold at Colwick Hall in 1850
-summary description of a portrait of the Reverend John Chafy
-letter from Ronald Lee, dated 29 March 1967, concerning a sketch of Queen Charlotte
-letter from W.G. Constable, Curator of Paintings, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, dated 6 November 1951, concerning a portrait of Lord Chesterfield
-letter from Joseph R Watkins, Administrator of the Estate of Joseph Watkins, dated 28 December 1949, concerning the authenticiy of a portrait of Lord Chesterfield said to be by Gainsborough and a copy of Waterhouse's reply, dated 3 January 1949
-letter with unidentifiable signature, dated 17 July 1975, concerning a portrait of Lady Clanwilliam
-extract from a sale catalogue, held 22 June 1976, showing details of lot 165, an autograph draft of Reynolds' fifth discourse delivered to the students on the Royal Academy in 1772
-letter from Lieutenant Colonel Charles Appleby, National Army Museum, dated 22 October 1964, concerning a portrait of Lord Clive
-letter from Pinkney Near, Curator, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, dated 29 October 1982, concerning a portrait of Lord Clive. Also includes a photocopy of a summary description of the portrait written by William Roberts, 26 May 1929
-summary description of a portrait of William Anne Hollis, 4th Earl of Essex, presenting a cup to Thomas Clutterbuck of Watford
-photograph of the inscription of the back of a portrait of Elizabeth Colville
-letter from John Russell, Sunday Times, dated 23 March 1965, concerning a portrait of Thomas Cockburn
-research note concerning a portrait of Peter Collinson
-two letters from Diana Uhlman, The Croft Trust, dated 19 November 1965 & 7 September 1966, concerning a portrait of Lady Croft
-summary description of a portrait of the Cruttenden Sisters
-letter from Dorothy Edinburg, dated 2 December 1963, concerning a drawing of the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland with Lady Luttrell
-two letters from Edward L Holt, dated 28 June 1960, concerning two portraits of the Duke of Cumberland
Extent1 file (122 images; 17 letters; 5 summary portrait descriptions; 2 family trees; 2 research notes; 1 journal article; 1 sale catalogue entry)
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