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TitleGainsborough, Thomas, 1727-1788; Portraits H

-second page of a letter from G.T. Dow Smith, concerning a portrait of the Reverend Robert Hingston
-summary description of a portrait of Mary Hamond
-letter from K.M. Gallop, Christie's, dated 3 July 1958, concerning a portrait of Mr Hale
-letter from T.W Goodison, dated December 1936, concerning a portrait of Squire & Mrs Hallett
-two letters from William Hood, Bowes Museums, dated 12 February and 5 May 1970, concerning the conservation a portrait of Mrs Heywood
-Reade, Aleyn Lyell (1911). 'The Halletts of Canons', Notes and Queries, 30 December 1911. Also includes a copy of the original article on the Hallett family, written by William Roberts and published 11 November 1911.
-letter from J.H. Archer, dated 26 September 1911, concerning a portrait of Squire & Mrs Hallett
-letter from L.S. Le Roux, dated 2 May 1960, concerning a portrait of Mrs Hallett
-letter from W.G. Constable, Curator of Paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, dated 9 May 1950, concerning a painting at Aldrich House. Also concerns Constable's research on 'Niobe' by Richard Wilson
-photocopy of catalogue entries from a sale of the property of C.J. Hanson Smith, held at Sotheby's, 23 June 1971, showing details of portraits of Mrs Allee Hanson (lot 107), and William Hanson (lot 108) annotated by Waterhouse
-two letters from Major B.H. Mylne, dated 16 July & 5 August 1954, concerning a portrait of Mrs HArdinge
-letter from Joseph C. Sloane, Ackland Art Center, dated 1 May 1965, concerning a portrait of Robert Harley
-lettter from B Copinger Hill, dated 9 June 1960, concerning portraits of the Hill family
-letter from Clement Hill, Queen Hoo Hall, Hertfordshire, dated 9 November 1959, concerning a portrait of a member of the Hill family
-two letters from W.B. Hill, dated 8 November 1977 & 20 March 1978, concerning a portrait of John Hill and a portrait of his wife and son Also includes transcript of a statement about these portraits made by Walter Hill in 1926
-five letters from John Fitch, dated 21 & 29 September; 7 October 1954; 23 May 1955 and 20 March 1961concerning portraits of the Hingeston family. Also includes the transcription of an extract from a letter from Mr J.H. Bingham to Fitch, dated 7 March 1955
-letter from John Quilter, Gooden & Fox, dated 26 April 1963, concerning a portrait of the Rev. James Hingeston
-letter from Richard L. Feigen, dated 1 February 1979, concerning a portrait of Bishop Richard Hurd
-letter from Gail Hilme, dated 11 Sep 1948, concerning a portrait of Mrs Hoare and son in her collection. Also concerns a portrait of an unknown woman by Gainsborough Dupont.

Extent1 file (110 images; 23 letters; 2 published articles; 2 transcriptions; 1 photocopied page of a sale catalogue; 1 summary portrait description)






Image CaptionPhotograph of the recto and verso of the 1st Marquis of Hastings, c1920s-1985
Letter from John A. Fitch concerning the ownership of a group of portraits of the Hingeston family, dated 21 September 1984
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