Ref NoEKW/1/130
TitleGainsborough, Thomas, 1727-1788; Portraits M

-copy of a letter from Maruice Rathbone, Archivist, dated 28 November 1961, concerning references to Dr William Marsh Blake in Wiltshire County Archives
-letter from Frank Simpson, Knoedler's, dated 14 December 1961, concerning a portrait of Dr Marsh
-two letters from Miss A.K. Morgan, dated 22 September and 10 December 1961, concerning a portrait of Dr William Blake Marsh. Also includes a copy of Waterhouse's reponse, dated 23 November 1961 and copies of letters from the Royal College of Physicians, the Public Record Office and The History of Parliament Trust, all dated November 1961 and all concerning Dr William Marsh Blake
-three letters from John Bensuand-Butt, dated 16 October, 1964, 29 November 1965 and 1 October 1969, concerning a portrait of William Mayhew. Also includes a copy of: Bensuan-Butt, John. 1964. 'When Gainsborough painted a Colchester Lawyer'. Essex County Standard, 16 October 1964, p17
-two letters from Lawrence Thomas, Art Gallery of Western Australia, dated 2 & 16 July 1956, concerning a portrait of William Mayhew and other portraits in the collection. Also includes a copy of 'Portrait of William Henry Mayhew', The Western Australian Art Gallery, Monthly Feature, Vol 4, No.26, February 1968
-three letters from Alexander Hume, dated 1 April, 11 July & 12 November 1980, concerning a miniature of the Duke of Montagu. Also includes a photograph showing the inscription on the verso, a summary description and a copy of a page from the catalogue of a sale held in 1977, all concerning the same miniature
-letter from Dorothy Hyman, 1 October 1963, concerning a portrait of Ursula Maitland
-letter from Janet Green, Sotheby's, dated 31 August 1966, concerning a portrait of John Mayne of Teffont
-letter from D.W. Posnett, Leger Galleries, dated 20 October 1969, concerning a portrait of John Mayne of Teffont. Also includes a copy of Waterhouse's response
-letter from Taylor Wing, dated 27 March 1972, concerning a portrait of David Middleton. Also includes a summary portrait description
-Summary description of a portrait of David Middleton
-Fletcher, J Kyrle, 1930. 'Famous Paintings in Wales: Charles Morgan Esquire of Tredegar', The Western Mail, 8 Mar 1930

Extent1 file (78 images; 21 letters; 2 newspaper cutting; 1 published article; 1 summary portrait description; 1 photograph of the verso of a miniature)
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