Ref NoEKW/1/142
TitleGainsborough, Thomas, 1727-1788; Landscapes attributed to Gainsborough (part 1)

-letter from Norman Baker, dated 15 July 1958, concerning a version of 'A Man Ploughing, A Church & A Windmill', EKW's catalogue no. 865
-two letters from W.J. Goldsmith, dated 23 November & 8 December 1973, concerning a version of 'Figures at a style: Sleeping Pigs', EKW's catalogue no. 888a
-letter from J. Erbrich, undated, concerning a version of 'The Woodman's Return', EKW's catalogue no. 899
-photocopy of a letter from James Greig, dated September 1936, concerning a version of 'The Watering Place', EKW's catalogue no. 937 Also includes a photocopy of a statement about the picture made by William Roberts
-letter from Thomas M.Beggs, Director, Smithsonian Institute, dated 1 August 1958, concerning a version of 'The Cottage Door', EKW's catalogue no. 941
-letter from Thoedore Coleman, Fine Art Appraisals, 29 June 1978, concerning a version of 'Woody Lane with Drovers Cart and Milkmaid', EKW's catalogue no. 993
-letter from John Bloomfield, Minister of Education, dated 17 May 1966, concerning a version of 'The Market Cart', EKW's catalogue no. 1002

Also includes the following correspondence concerning the attribution of paintings not identified with EKW catalogue no's:

-letter from Lorenzo Peratoner, Fine Art Dealer, dated 20 August 1983
-letter from David Goddard, Manchester Evening News, dated 28 December 1973
-letter from John P.Nicholson, dated 5 October 1961
-letter from Adrian Johnson, dated 12 February 1981
-letter from Charles W. Millard, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, dated 21 August 1973, concerning 'After the Storm', 'A Girl with Pigs' and 'A View Near Ipswich'
-letter from Edward Bransten, President, MJB Co. , dated 21 November 1973, concerning 'Cornard Wood'. Also includes photocopies of an appraisal & valuation of the painting by C.L.Wysuph, North Point Gallery (6pp)
-letter from Francis P. Antel, dated 25 May 1973, concerning 'The Shepherd Boy'
-letter from James Miller, Sotheby's, dated 21 December 1979, concerning a drawing attributed to Gainsborough. Also includes a photocopy of of the verson of the drawing.

Also includes a letter from Mark Hoffman, President of Maxwell Galleries Ltd., undated, concerning Waterhouse's statement that the Gallery had been involved in 'dishonest activity'.
Extent 1 file (65 images; 16 letters; 1 statement; 6 appraisal & valuation documents)



Image CaptionPhotograph of the recto and verso of 'The Watering- Place', annotated by Waterhouse as 'probably not by Gainsborough', c1920s-1985
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