Ref NoEKW/1/144
TitleGainsborough, Thomas, 1727-1788; Landscapes, attributed to Gainsborough (part 3)

-letter from Frank McEwen, The Rhodes National Gallery, undated, concerning 'Millers Dale, Derbyshire' in the collection
-letter from David A. Wilson, United States Department of Justice, dated 12 April 1968, concerning 'The Leaning Birch' located at Maryville College
-letter from Thomas Hiller, dated 30 January 1965, concerning a landscape
-letter from Louise Beeson, dated 20 October 1964, concerning a landscape
-letter from Allen H. Johness, dated 21 February 1964, concerning a landscape. Also contains a photograph of an inscription on the back of the painting
-letter from A. Hayes Town, Architect, 24 February 1964, concerning two landscapes
-letter from K.M.Gallop, Frost & Reed, 30 August 1950, concerning a landscape previously in the Morley and Shockerwick collections. Also includes a letter from J. Mitchell Chapman, dated 15 August 1950, concerning this picture.
-letter from M.W. Hine, dated 15 July 1966, concerning two landscapes
-transcript of an extract from an original deed, dated 23 May 1818 held in the City of Birmingham Art Gallery concerning four paintings gifted by Margaret Gainsborough to Henry Briggs
-transcript of an extract from a catalogue of the John Jackson sale dated 1828 detailing two landscapes by Gainsborough
-letter from Mrs A TenEyck Gardner, Metropolitan Museum of Art, dated 23 January 1952, concerning a landscape in the collection of Henry G. Marquand and other paintings attributed to Gainsborough in the Metroplitan Museum of Art Collection.
-research note concerning 'a Pedlar's Cart'
-letter from Harold Day, Stockharvard Pedigree Pigs, dated June 1959, concerning 'Two Peasants Studying a Tombstone', EKW catalogue no. 942
-two letters from John Mitchell Chapman, dated 10 February & 20 March 1949 and two letters from W.G. Constable, undated and dated 8 November 1949, concerning 'A Wooded Scene' and versions of this painting. Also includes a summary description of the version of the painting previously in the Whitelaw Reid collection
-letter from Oliver Millar, Lord Chamberlain's Office, dated 9 November 1951, concerning a landscape in the collection Robert Perret
-'The Children of Mr and Mrs Charles Finn Williams Honor their Parents', Cincinnati Art Museum News, December 1948
-letter from Mrs Levantal, dated 15 November 1950, cooncerning 'the Cottage Door' in her collection. Includes the sketch of an inscription ('No. 4)
-letter from Colin Agnew, Agnew's, dated 19 June 1952, concerning the provenance of two landscapes in the collections of Lord Glenconnor and P.Ralli
Extent1 file (97 images; 16 letters; 1 photograph of an inscription; 2 transcripts; 1 research note; 1 summary description; 1 pamphlet; 1 sketch)
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