Ref NoEKW/1/160
TitleMiscellaneous, H (Hall - Hussey)
DescriptionIncludes images of works attributed by Waterhouse to the following artists:

-Hall, Charles
-Hardy, Thomas, 1757-1805
-Hargrave, J.
-Harrington, Jane, died 1824
-Harlow, George Henry, 1787-1819
-Haughton, Moses
-Hawes of Doncaster, active 18th century
-Hawker, J., active 1804-1809
-Haws, active ca. 1700
-Hay, A
-Haydon, Benjamin Robert, 1786-1846
-Hayter, W
-Head, Guy, 1753-1800
-Healy, Robert, 1743-1771
-Heere, Lucas de, ca. 1534-ca. 1584
-Helst, Bartholomeus van der, 1613-1670
-Herbert, John Rogers, 1810-1890
-Hees, F. van, active 1656
-Heude, Nicholas, died 1703
-Hickel, Anton, 1745-1798 (German painter)
-Hickel, Joseph, 1736-1807 (German painter)
-Hilliard, Nicholas, ca. 1747-1619 (English painter, miniaturist and jeweller)
-Holman, Francis, died 1790 (English painter)
-Holme, Randle
-Hopkins, W. active ca. 1790-1820
-Hore, James, active 1829-1837
-Hoskins, John,
-How, F, active 1648-1660, British portraitist
-Howard, Henry, 1769-1847, English painter, illustrator, and designer
-Howard, H
-Howard, Hugh, 1675-1737, Irish painter, portraitist, and etcher
-Hoynck, Otto, born ca 1630, died 1686, Dutch artist
-Hunt, R
-Hunter, Robert, born 1715-1720, died after 1803, Irish portraitist
-Hussey, Philip, 1713-1783, Irish painter
-J.H. (includes: two letters from Margaret R. Toynbee, dated 24 February & 1 March 1950 concerning a portrait of a boy & girl dated c.1647 in the collection of Sir John Prestige. Also includes three journal articles: Toynbee, Margaret R. (1950) 'A Mystery Portrait Painter', Country Life, 15 September 1950, pp840-842; Toynbee, Margaret R. (1954) 'New Light on a Mystery Portrait Painter', Country Life, 13 May 1954, p1503; Nevison, J.L. (1954) 'A Mystery Portrait Painter', Country Life, 17 June 1954, p2011)

Also includes six unidentified images and a letter from Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, dated 1 August 1959, concerning portraits of John Dawson & his wife.
Extent1 file (86 images; 3 letters; 3 journal articles)
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