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TitleHamilton, Gavin, 1723-1798

-Howard, Seymour. 1969. 'A Model of Early Romantic Necrophilia', Stil und Uberlieferung in der Kunst Des Abendlandes, pp217-225. Also includes a coveringletter from the author.
-Tomory, Peter. 1978. 'Three Oaths for Gavin Hamilton', The Australian Journal of Art, 1978, no.1, pp59-64
-Errington, Lindsay. 1976. 'Acquisition of Achilles lamenting the death of Patroclus', Bulletin of the National Galleries of Scotland, number 4, summer 1976
-letter from Simon Dickinson, dated 26 September 1980, concerning a painting attributed to Hamilton
-letter from C.J. Dawkins, dated 6 October 1953, concerning a painting in their collection
-Irwin, David. 1962. 'Gavin Hamilton: Archaeologist, Painter and Dealer', The Art Bulletin, June 1962, Vol. XLIV, No. 2, pp87-102
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-Honor, Hugh. 1959. 'Antonio Canova and Anglo-Romans. Part II: The first years in Rome', The Connoiseur, December 1959, pp225-231
-letter from John Bernstrom, Art dealer, dated 10 March 1963, concerning the sale of 'Achilles drags Hector's dead body after his chariot' and 'Priamos implores Achilles to deliver the dead body of his son Hector'
-letter from Leslie Parris, Assistant Keeper, Tate Gallery, dated 15 March 1966, concerning the sale of 'Priam Pleasing with Achilles for the body of Hector'
-letter from Helmut H von Effra, dated 20 May 1955, concerning an unpublished letter by Hamilton to Benjamin West
-text for the Annual Lecture on Aspects of Art, given at the British Academy in 1954 by Waterhouse entitled 'The British Contribution to the Neo-Classical style in Painting'.
-letter from J.D. Shlinger, The Warburg Institute, dated 10 March 1954, concerning a reference to Hamilton's 'Andromache'
Extent1 file (53 images; 7 letters; 7 journal articles; 1 lecture text)



Image CaptionPhotograph of the recto and verso of 'Hector's Farewell to Andromache', from the Trustees of the Hamilton and Kinneil Estates, c1920s-1985
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