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TitleReynolds, Joshua, 1723-1792; Portraits C

-letter from D.C. Cooke, dated 10 June 1981, concerning a portrait of the Fifth Earl of Carlisle
-three letters from Hermann Wunderlich, Kennedy Galleries, 22, 22 January & 2 November 1970, concerning a portrait of Charles Carroll. Includes a transcription of pages 434-435 of: Bowen, Clarence Winthrop. 1892. 'The History of the Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington as first president of the United States'. New York: D. Appleton & Co.
-letter from Sidney Sabin, Sabin Galleries, dated 30 September 1957, concerning a portrait of Lady Cathcart
-letter from Dubois Gatrice, dated 22 November 1982, concerning a portrait of Lord Richard Cavendish
-letter from P. Philippson, dated 2 June 1954, concerning a portrait of Sir William Chambers
-letter from J.L. Schrader, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, dated 1 October 1970, concerning a portrait of Sir Anthony Chamier. Also includes a summary description of the portrait
-three letters from Geoffrey Turner, Pitt Rivers Museum, dated 10 & 23 May 1952, concerning a portrait of Austenco, Great Warrior, Commander in Chief of the Cherokee Nation
-letter from Anita Hatchett, dated 3 November 1965, concerning a portrait of Elizabeth Collick (Mrs Hatchett)
-letter from P.P.Bearnes, dated 24 January 1961, concerning a portrait of John Chadwick
-letter from John W. Henderson, dated 5 November 1956, concerning a portrait of Frances, Countess of Clermont
-two letters from David Posnett, Leger Galleries, 6 April 1977 & 6 March 1978, concerning the painting 'A Family of Distinction with a South Indian Ayah, possibly to be identified with George Clive'. Includes a summary description
-Bock, Henning, 1979. 'Joshua Reynolds, George Clive und seine Familie mit einer indischen Dienerin'. Jahrbuch Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Band XIV, 1979, pp165-173 (in German)
-letter from Mong Pil Kim, Grazioso Art & Frame Gallery, dated 30 September 1982, concerning a portrait of Lady Cockburn. Includes a copy of a letter from the International Foundation for Art Research in New York, dated 7 April 1982, concerning the same portrait
-letter from Patricia Sigl, dated 1 February 1984, concerning a portrait of Mrs Cocksedge
-letter from Alfred Beit, dated 20 May 1963, concerning a portrait of Thomas Connolly
-letter from M.S. Robinson, National Maritime Museum, dated 8 November 1963, concerning a portrait of Admiral Thomas Cotes
-letter from P.A. Gore, concerning a portrait of Colonel Coussmaker. Also includes a copy of Waterhouse's response
-page from a sale catalogue detailing information about lot 77 a portrait of George William, 6th Earl of Coventry
-letter from Derek Sherborn, dated 19 June 1972, concerning a portrait of Mr Craunch
-letter from Patrick H. Crosbie, dated 30 April 1980, concerning a portrait of Lady Crosbie. Also includes a summary description of the portrait and a newspaper cutting showing part of an advertisement for Waterhouse's Reynolds publication
Extent1 file (147 images; 25 letters; 1 journal article; 1 transcription; 3 summary descriptions; 1 page from a sale catalogue; 1 newspaper cutting)
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