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TitleWilson, Richard, 1714-1782; General Research

-exhibition pamphlet: 'Richard Wilson and his Circle', held at the Museum and Art Gallery Birmingham, 17 November-9 January 1948-9 (39pp), annotated by Waterhouse
-two letters from Douglas Cooper, dated c 1949, concerning research on the portraits of John Grimston and of Flora MacDonald, including transcriptions of original correspondence to and from the sitters
-research note concerning the David-Cooke sale at Owston Hall in 1926
-letter from Kenneth Garlick, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, dated 10 January 1949, concerning various issues related to the exhibition held in 1948-1949
-exhibition pamphlet: 'loan exhibition of works by Richard Wilson', held at the National Gallery, Millbank (Tate), 26 June-30 September 1925 (23pp), annotated by Waterhouse
-journal article: Constable, W.G. (1954), 'Richard Wilson: Some Pentimenti', Burlington Magazine, May 1954
-typewritten transcriptions of four original documents, titled: 'Document 5, works of Richard Wilson' (5pp); 'Document 8, R.W' (2pp); 'Document 9, Richard Wilson's receipt for a picture of Maecenas's Villa
painted for his friend Macklay and his description of it from Wilson's accounts' (1pp); 'Document 10, Booth's own catalogue' (7pp)
-letter from W.G. Constable, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, dated 29 November 1949, concerning his research on Gainsborough and Wilson
-exhibition catalogue: 'The Art of Richard Wilson', held at the National Museum of Wales in 1925 (12pp with illustrations). Also includes typewritten notes from records held at the National Museum of Wales on 24 works by Wilson, including Waterhouse's comments.
-journal article: Roberts, Henry D. (undated) 'The Ford Collection of Works by Richard Wilson', The Connoisseur, pp27-35
-journal article: Linton, James D. (undated), 'The Landscape Painters of England: Richard Wilson, R.A.' (unidentified journal)
-journal article: Williams, Isaac J (1923), 'The Art of Richard WIlson in the National Museum of Wales', The Connoisseur, April 1923, pp189-195
-research note concerning works by Wilson in the collections of J.Lucy, Miss Bredel, Colonel high Baillie and Sir Thomas Baring
-typewritten transcription of a sale of prints and drawings of W. Lock of Norbury Park, by Sotheby's, 3 May 1821 and the following 5 days (1pp)
-typewritten transcription entitled: 'R. Wilson - Stray Notes from Harold Isherwood Kay's papers'
-newspaper cutting: 'Richard Wilson', by Waterhouse, published in The Observer, 21 November 1948
-letter from E.S. French, dated 21 November 1948, concerning two paintings by Wilson
-copy of a letter to Martin(?) from an unidentified individual, dated 6 February 1947 concerning the Wynnstay Wilson's
-list of Wilson pictures to the photographed at Exeter and Cornwall (the Ford of Pengreep Collection and the Rogers of Penrose Collection)
-typewritten transcription entitled: 'R. Wilson, 'Stanley Marling collection, Littleworth House, Amberley, Stroud. In the order they are in A.Bury's book, 1947, with notes made by EKW in 1934'
-typewritten transcription entitled: 'Benjamin Booth's notes. Document 2. Sale of 10 Wilson's at Christie's 24 February 1798'
-letter from Edwin Hitchson, dated 24 January 1927, concerning two works by Wilson
-research note detailing the sale of works by Wilson, selected from Graves, between 1798-1909 (2pp)
-newspaper cutting: Waterhouse, E.K. 'Honouring Richard Wilson', from an unidentified newspaper
-family tree depicting the descent of works by Wilson from Benjamin Booth to Brinsley Ford
-two letters from Douglas Cooper, dated c1946, concerning Cooper's research on Wilson including in particular information concerning the provenance and attribution of various works said to be by Wilson & Cooper's work on the Booth papers.
-b&w photograph of Lake Avernus taken c1960s
Extent1 file (29 images; 6 letters; 4 journal articles; 3 exhibition pamphlets/catalogues; 4 research notes; 8 transcriptions; 2 newspaper cuttings; 1 family tree; 1 b&w photograph)


Image CaptionPrint for an exhibition, 'Etchings from the works of Richard Wilson', dated 1825
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