Ref NoEKW/1/68
TitleMiscellaneous, D (Daht-Dysart)
DescriptionIncludes images of works attributed by Waterhouse to the following artists:

-Daht, Louis
-Damini, Vincenzo, born 1690-1696, died after 1749
-Dankers, H
-Danckerts, Hendrick, 1625-1680
-Danckaerts, J
-Daniell, William, 1769-1837; and Daniell, Thomas, 1749-1840 (includes the following newspaper cutting: Chaudhuri, Nirad C. (1980) 'Diagonal Views of India. A reveew of the publication India and the Daniells by Shellim', Times Literary Supplement, 21 March 1980.
-Danloux, Henri-Pierre, 1753-1809
-Daubrawra, Henry de, active 1840-1861
-Dellow, R, active 1700-1740
-Devas, Anthony, 1911-1958
-Devis, Thomas Anthony, 1757-1810
-De Wilde, Samuel, 1748-1832
-Diest, Jan van
-Dighton, Robert
-Dillon, R, active 1749
-Dixon, Nicholas, active ca. 1660-1665, died after 1707
-Dodd, Robert, 1748-1815; and Dodd, Ralph, ca. 1756-1822 (copy of the following article: Younger, George W. (1924) 'Robert and Ralph Dodds, Marine painters', Mariner's Mirror, July 1924)
-Doughty, William, born 1757, died 1780 or 1782
-Drake, Nathan, ca. 1728-1778
-Drost,William, ca. 1630-after 1680
-Du Chatel, Francois, born 1616 or 1625, died 1679 or 1694
-Duffin, Paul, active 1755-1775
-Du Pan, Barthélémy, 1712-1763 (includes transcript of correspondence at Felbrigg concerning the picture titled ' The Young Princes at Windsor')
-Dunning, Goddard, ca. 1614-ca. 1678, English painter
-Dunstall, John, active 1644-1676
-Dyck, Peter van, 1675-1725
-Dysart, 3rd Earl of, 1649-1727

Also includes four unattributed images
Extent1 file (53 images; 1 newspaper cutting; 1 journal article; 1 transcript of letter)



Image CaptionPhotograph of the recto and verso of 'The Young Princes of Windsor', at the Courtauld Institute of Art, c1920s-1985
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