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-Dibdin, E. Rimbault (1920) 'The State Gallery of H.H. Maharaja Gaekwar of Baroda, G.C.S.I. Part I - Old Masters' The Connoisseur, March 1920, pp139-152
-Carter, Morris 'The Gardner Collection', Art News Annual, undated, pp3-6 & pp132-156
-Calthrop, Dion Clayton (1929) 'Pictures at the Garrick Club, I - Johann Zoaffany' Country Life, 14 Dec 1929, pp851-855
-Calthrop, Dion Clayton (1930) 'Pictures at the Garrick Club, III - William Hogarth' Country Life, 25 Jan 1930, pp136-138
-Sitwell, Sacheverell (1950) 'Theatre Paintings at the Garrick Club', Country Life Annual, 1950, pp8-87
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-Oulmont, Charles (1917) 'Collection M.F. Gentili Di Guiseppe' Les Arts, No 162. 1917, pp5-19 (in French)
-Parigi, A (1934) 'La Collezione F. Gentili Di Guiseppe' Le Vie D'Italia, Jan 1934, pp30-44
-list of 26 pictures in the collection of Thomas Gifford at Chillington Hall, photographed by the Courtauld Institute in 1961 (1pp)
-five press-cuttings from an unknown source, featuring images of paintings in the Giovanelli Collection
-letter from Hamish Miles, University of Glasgow, dated 20 July 1962 concerning a collection of paintings belonging to an unknown Glasgow resident and offered to the University. Also includes 16 b&w photographs and a typescript list containing of basic information about these 16 pictures
-typescript summary description concerning pictures remaining at Glendon Hall following the death of the owner, Mrs Gompertz in 1961 (1pp)
-Valentiner, W.R. (1927) 'The Henry Goldman Collection' The Art News, Vol XXV, No 32, 14 May 1927, pp3-17
-pamphlet: Arts Council (1952-53) 'Early English landscapes from Colonel Grant's Collection'. London: Arts Council.
-10 b&w photographs of pictures at Gray's Inn
-Alexandre, Arsene (1905) 'Un Musee a Bagatelle' Les Arts, June 1905, pp2-9 concerning pictures in the collection of Camille Groult
-extract from a sale catalogue, for a sale held near Lepke, Berlin on 14-15 October 1913, concerning pictures in the Grimaldi family collection
-typescript list of 41 pictures in the Riccardo Gualino Collection, Turin
-image of pictures in the Gubbio Collection handing on the walls of the Pinactoeca Comunale in Umbria
-handlist of 'Pictures from the Gulbenkian Collection' lent to the National Gallery in 1936
Extent1 file (10 journal articles; 3 lists; 5 press-cuttings; 1 letter; 26 photographs; 1 summary description; 1 extract from a sale catalogue; 1 image; 1 handlist to an exhition; 1 pamphlet)
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