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-Valentiner, W.R. (1925) 'The Clarence H. Mackay Collection' International Studio, August 1925, pp335-345
-list of works shown at an exhibition of drawings and paintings from the Collection of F.F. Madan at the Oxford Arts Club, 31 May-14 June 1947 (1pp)
-list of pictures in the Collection of Colonel George Malcolom, formerly at Poltalloch House, Argyll, August 1958 (4pp)
-Oswald, Arthur (1954) 'Scampston Hall, Yorkshire - I. The home of Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs L'estrange Malone', Country Life, 1 April 1954, pp946-949
-Oswald, Arthur (1954) 'Scampston Hall, Yorkshire - II. The home of Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs L'estrange Malone', Country Life, 8 April 1954, pp1033-1038
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-Money, Anne (1951) 'Old Masters come to Africa' Milady, August 1951, pp28-31 concerning pictures in the collection of Captain D.M.K. Marendez
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-list of pictures including in an Exposition des Beaux-Arts, Marseille, 1861
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-'Theatrical Pictures, destined to adorn the National Theatre' The Illustrated London News, 20 November 1948, p583 concerning the Somerset Maugham bequest. Also includes two press-cuttings concerning the same subject.
-list recording the location of pictures in the collection of Lord Melchett, removed from Melchet Court which was shut up, November 1931. 3pp
-transcript of the inventory of the Earl of Melfort's pictures dated June 1692, extracted from the Calendar of Treasury Books, 1689-92, IX, pp1678-1681 (7pp)
-'Mellon gives Ten Million to found National Gallery with his magnificent Art Collection as the Nucleus', The Art News, 19 October 1935
-postcard featuring the bedchamber of Marlo Menotti
-Benedetti, Alessandro (1925) 'L'Alta Valle del Metauro' Vie d'Italia, October 1925, pp1165-1176 concerning the Mercatello collection (in Italian)
-25 b&w photographs of works in the collection of Lord Methuen at Corsham
-list of works in the collection of Percy B. Meyer, 29 Orchard Court, Portman Square, 1952 (3pp)
-catalogue of the contents of the mansion Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, the collection of Lady Michelham, to be sold at auction by Knight, Frank & Rutley, 28th May 1923 and four following days
-letter from William Hood, Bowes Museum, dated 11 April 1971, concerning the collection of Lord Middleton. Also includes the copy of a letter from Lord Middleton, dated 7 June 1971 and a copy of the Middleton family tree.
-Frizzoni, Gustavo (1915) 'Note sulla Piacoteca del Castello Sforzesco' Rassegna d'Arte, 1915, pp129-133, concerning the collection in Milan (in Italian)
-list of paintings possibly in the collection of the Mrs White nee Mildmay, photographed by the Courtauld Intitutue in 1975 (5pp)
-catalogue of paintings in the collection of Eugene von Muller-Aichholz, Vienna, for sale at auction held on 21 & 22 May 1900
-list of works in the collection of Herr con Minutoli, Prussian Minister to Persia, sold at auction in 1861 (1pp)
-public notice issued by The Art & Antiques Squad, New Scotland Yard, concerning works of art stolen from the collection of Peter Mitchell on 22 August 1979
-list of pictures from the Ludwig Mond collection, which passed to Dr Robert Mond of Cavendish Square (1pp)
-public notice issued by the Chief Constable of Somerset concerning paintings stolen from Montacute House during the night of 25/26 April 1961
-list of works in the collection of J.R. More-Molyneux at Loseley Park photographed by the Courtauld Institute, 1960 (4pp)
-list of works in the collection of Lord Montagu at Beaulieu (Palace House) and at 11 Wyndham House photographed by the Courtauld Institute in 1961 (3pp)
-Mayer, von A.L. (1929) 'Die Sammlung del Monte in Brussel', Pantheon, October 1929, pp441-442 (in German)
-Bandini, Carlo (1926) 'Montefalco La Ringhiera dell'Umbria', le vie d'Italia, June 1926, pp739-749
-Montolieu family tree
-'Six Morgan paintings sold for $1,500,000' The Art News, 2 February 1935, concerning the J.P. Morgan collection
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-Williamson, D.G. (1906-1907) 'Mr J Pierpont MOrgan's PIctures - the Early Miniatures. I-VII' The Connoisseur, December 1906-September 1907
-list of pictures in the collection of the Earl of Morton at Dalmahoy House photographed by the Courtauld in 1958 (2pp)
-Bull, Harry Adsit (1930) 'Modern French Paintings in Moscow' International Studio, October 1930, pp21-25
-letter from Clifford Duits, dated 17 July 1959, concerning the Mountbatten (Palmerston) collection
-list of pictures in the Collection of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe at Mount Edgcumbe before the Second World War (many of the pictures having been subsequently destroyed by bombing). Also includes a document entitled 'Hail and Farewell (I)' written by Waterhouse which concerns the loss of cultural items during the war, focusing particularly on the Mount Edgcumbe collection
-list of pictures in a private collection (identified as Lord Moyne) photographed by the Courtauld Institute in 1979
Extent1 file (17 journal article; 12 lists; 2 press-cuttings; 1 transcript; 1 postcard; 25 photographs; 2 auction catalogues; 3 letters; 2 family trees; 2 public notices)
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