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-Nevill, Ralph & Willoughby, Leonard (1906), 'Eridge Castle and its Contents, Part I', The Connoisseur, Dec 1906, pp221-222 (incomplete) concerning the collection of the Marquess of Abergavenny
-collection of 15 postcards of paintings in the Musee D'Agen, undated
-list of pictures photographed at Airlie Castle and Cortachy Castle, Angus, the property of the Right Honorable Bridget, Countess of Airlie and the Right Honorable the Earl and Countess of Airlie, dated 1972 (19pp)
-exhibition leaflet for 'The Alexander Gift' exhibited at the National Gallery, 10 August -17 September 1972. The exhibition included seventeen paintings given to the National Gallery by Misses Rachel F. and Jean I.Alexander of Aubrey House Kensington by a deed of gift signed in 1959.
-summary description of the paintings hung at 144 Piccadilly, home of Lord Allendale, 2pp (undated)
-Haskell, Francis, (1970), 'The Benjamin Altman Bequest', Metropolitan Museum Journal, 1970, Volume 3, pp259-280
-list of 90 paintings at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, photographed by the Courtauld Institute in 1954. Also include 13 b&w photographs of some of the works.
-'La Pinacoteca D'arezzo', Rassegna D'Arte, 1915, pp75-87 (in Italian)
-list of pictures in the collection of the Duke of Argyll at Inveraray Castle photographed by the Courtauld Institute in 1959 (9pp)
-list of pictures in the collection of the Late Mr Scobell Armstrong photographed by the Courtauld Institute in April 1978 (2pp)
-Dormoy, Marie (1926), 'La Collection Arnhold', L'Amour de L'Art, July 1926, pp241-245 (in French)
-'Notes on the Collections Formed by Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel and Surrey', May 1912, pp341-343
-Claps, Domenico (1928), 'La Pinacoteca Di Ascoli Picenco', July 1928, pp551-558 (in Italian)
-Gagnola, Guido (1916), 'La Cattedrale Di Asola', Rassegna D'Arte, August 1916, pp155-163 (in Italian)
-'Focus on Hever Castle', Sotheby's Preview, No.19, May/June 1982, pp1-10 concerning the seat of Astor family
-letter from Hugh Astor to Mr Vernon, dated 5 September 1977, concerning the pictures at Folly Farm
-list of pictures in the Ayerbe collection (undated)
-list of pictures in the collection of the 11th Earl of Aylesford at Packington Hall, photographed by the Courtauld Galery in 1961 (7pp)

Extent1 file (8 journal articles; 6 lists; 15 postcards; 1 letter; 1 summary description; 1 exhibition leaflet)



Image CaptionList of pictures in the Ayerbe collection, c1920s-1985
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