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-Poglayen-Neuwall, Stephan Von (1930) 'The William Offenheim Collection', Apollo, August 1930, pp126-132
-Poglayen-Neuwall, Stephan Von (1929) 'Einige Meisterwerke Italienischer Malerei der Sammlung Wilhelm von Offenheim', June 1929, pp267-270 [in German]
-transcript of an inventory of 'goods belonging to Henry, Earl of Saint Albans at the mansion house in Saint Martin in the Fields, sold to him by James, Duke of Ormonde, but the goods to be removed by him', the original in the Northamptonshire County Record Office (3pp)
-Waterhouse, Ellis K (1962) 'Some notes on William Young Ottley's Collection of Italian Primitives', Vincent Festschrift, 1962, pp272-279
-Mayer, A.L. Von (1932) 'Der Triupmh des Todes Im Palazzo Sclafani in Palermo', January 1932, pp33-37 [in German]
-Brunelli, Enrico (1930) 'La Galleria di Palermo e il Museo di Trapani nel Biennio 1927-28', L'Arte 1930, pp347-374 [in Italian]
-Benedetti, Michele de (1932) 'The Casino Rospigliosi and Private Collection of Prince Pallavicini in Rome', Apollo, October 1932, pp141-148
-list of paintings previously belonging to the Panshanger estate and now in a private collection (possibly belonging to Julian Salwood) photographed by the Courtauld Institute in October 1980 (4pp)
-Grazioli (1930) 'The Tiepolo's in Palazzo Papdopoli' International Studio, November 1930, pp60-63
-letter from Michel Laclotte, Minister of Culture and Communication, Louvre, dated 30 December 1980, concerning various painings by English artists in the Louvre, Paris [in French]. Also includes a list of the relevant pictures and photographs of nine of them.
-list of a pictures and sculpture photographed in Parliament Hall (the property of the Faculty of Advocates), 1960 (10pp)
-Sorrentino, Antonio (1929) 'La R. Galleria di Parma', View d'Italia, October 1929, pp753-764 [in Italian]
-Copertini, Giovanni (1927) 'La Pinactoteca Stuard di Parma', Vie d'Italie, February 1927, pp 145-149 [in Italian]
-list of paintings and objects in the Gambier-Parry collection at Highnam, undated (14pp)
-Fry, Roger (1903) 'Pictures in the Collection of Sir Hubert Parry at Higham Court, near Gloucester: Article I - Italian Pictures of the Fourteen Century', The Burlington Magazine, July 1903, pp117-118 & 125-126 [incomplete]
-advertisement for the sale of the contents of Madryn Castle, Pwllheli, Carnarvon, property of the late W.C. Vale Jones Parry, to be sold at auction by Knight, Frank & Rutley in conjunction with Messrs William Dew & Sons on 29-30 June, posted in the Connoisseur, May 1910
-transcript of an extract from the executor's acts of Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, dated 1650-1655, concerning the sale of pictures, the original document held at Hatfield House.
-list of paitings in the the collection of Lord Petre at Ingatestone, undated (3pp)
-letter from David Piper, National Portrait Gallery, dated 22 April 1947, concerning portraits by Gainsborough in the collection of Mrs D.V. MacGrigor Phillips
-Siren, Osvald. 'Maestri Primitivi. Antichi dipinti nel Museo Civico di Pisa', Rassegna D'Arte, pp225-234 [in Italian]
-Valiani, Giulio (1932) 'Il Museo Civio di Pistoia', Vie d'Italia, April 1932, pp265-274 [in Italian]
-Sacs, Joan (1926) 'Les Collections Plandiura', 'LAmour de l'Art, July 1926, pp221-240 [in French]
-Gaseta de Les Artes. Numero Extraordinari Dedicat a la Collecio Plandiura, October 1928 [in French]
-5 b&w photographs of paintings in the Scholss Pommersfelden
-research note concerning pictures in the castle at Prag, 1600, undated (1pp)
-Collins, Varnum Lansing (1925) 'Princeton - an Historic Glimpse', Art and Archaeoloyg through the ages, Vol XX, September 1925, No 3, pp103-104
-M'Cormick, William B. (1925) 'Princeton Museum - a workshop', International Studio, September 1925, pp432-437
-handwritten research note on the Proctor-Beauchamp Collection at Langley Hall, 25 September 1932 (2pp)

Extent1 file (14 journal articles; 2 transcripts; 5 lists; 2 letters; 14 photographs; 1 advertisement; 1 journal; 2 research notes)
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