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TitleSmith-Speck von Sternburg

-exhibition catalogue: the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston (1946) 'Smith Collection of Paintings' Preston: Guardian Press.
-Herrmann, Frank (1967) 'Who was Solly? An answer in several parts provided by Frank Herrmann, Part 1', The Connoisseur, April 1967, Vol. 164, p229-234
-Herrmann, Frank (1967) 'Who was Solly? Part 2: the Collector and his Collection', The Connoisseur, May 1967, p12-18
-Herrmann, Frank (1967) 'Who was Solly? Part 3: the Italian pictures', The Connoisseur, July 1967, Vol 165, p153-161. Also includes a covering letter from Herrmann, dated 30 June 1967
-Herrmann, Frank (1968) 'Who was Solly? Part 5: the distribution of the Collection', The Connoisseur, September 1968, Vol. 169, p12-17
-'Descriptive catalogue of the Collection of Italian Pictures of the Rafaelle Period of the later Edward Solly', London: Richard & John E Taylor
-'A Descriptive catalogue of some paintings of the Rafaelle Period in the Collection of E.Solly, No.7 Curzon Street, May Fair', London: J.Davy
-family tree detailing the descendants of the 1st Baron Somers
-research note concerning the collection of Lady Henry Somerset
-page from an unidentified catalogue concerning pictures from the Soulages collection
-letter from Carol Forman Tabler, Consultant Curator for European Art, dated 25 June 1981, concerning pictures in the Parrish Museum, Southampton, New York State
-9 b&w photographs of pictures in the Parrish Museum, Southampton, New York State
-letter from Valentine Arbogast, Director, dated 13 November 1962, concerning pictures in the Parrish Museum, Southampton, New York State. Also includes 18 b&w plates featuring images from the Parrish collection
-letter from D.R. Bull, Professional Officer, South African National Gallery, dated 22 March 1976, concerning pictures in the collection. Also includes a summary descriptions the following pictures by Sir Joshua Reynolds: portrait of David Steward Erskine, Lord Cardross; portrait of Alexander, Montgomerie, 10th Earl of Eglinton; a Courtesan; 'Cupid'
-list of pictures in the collection of the Earl of Southesk at Kinniard Castle, photographed by the Courtauld in 1956 (8pp)
-Hendy, Philip (1931) 'The Collection of Mr John T Spaulding' Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, XXIX, December 1931, pp109-113
-Pope, Arthur, 'French Paintings in the Collection of John T Spaulding', pp97-128
-catalogue of pictures in the collection of the Speck von Sternburg family, Lutschena, (4pp) [in German]
Extent1 file (1 exhibition catalogue; 6 journal articles; 3 catalogues; 1 family tree; 1 research note; 1 page from a catalogue; 3 letters; 4 summary descriptions; 1 list; 9 b&w photographs; 18 b&w plate illustrations)
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