Ref NoEKW/3/25

-extract from a catalogue of paintings, miniatures and engravings in the collection of Baron Talbot at Malahide Castle, as arranged 10 April 1908.
-exhibition catalogue for an exhibition of the 'Booth Tarkington Collection of Paintings held 20 March-30 April at the Newhouse Galleries, New York
-Foratti, Aldo (1926) 'Il Castello Colleoni in Thiene', Vie d'Italia, April 1926, p409-415 [in Italian]
-transcript of a catalogue of Lieutenant General Thornton's collection of paintings at 3 Grosvenor Gate, Park Lane, 1837
-copy of: Toledo Revista de Arte, 1929, No. 268 concerning various art collections in Toledo
-text for a lecture given by Waterhouse on 16 June 1955 at Helmington Hall concerning the collection of Lord Tollemache and Helmington Hall
-6 b&w photographs of paintings in the Musee de Toulouse
-photocopy of a list of portraits in the collection of Lord Townshend (4pp)
-Morassi, Antonio (1931) 'La Raccolta Treccani', Dedalu(?), July 1931, pp1012-1037 [in Italian]
Extent1 file (1 extract from a catalogue; 1 exhibition catalogue; 2 journal articles; 1 transcript of a catalogue; 1 journal; 1 text for a lecture; 6 b&w photographs; 1 list)
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