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-transcript of a list included in the Chenne's letter, dated 3 February 1860, concerning the consignment of pictures in the Beaucousin Collection to London
-sale catalogue: Christie, Manson & Woods (1917) Pictures and choice water colour drawings. [Auction catalogue] London: Christie, Manson & Woods.
-Grundy. C. Reginald (1913) 'Sir Joseph Beecham's Collection at Hampstead', The Connoisseur, February 1913, pp69-84
-'La Collection Carlos de Beistegui'. La Gazette des Beaux Arts, Mar 1931, pp137-153 (in French)
-photographs and summary descriptions of the Belhus Collection. Also includes a photograph of Belhus Park House
-Reau, Louis (1932) 'La Collection Benda au Musee de Vienne', La Gazette des Beaux Arts, 1932 (in French)
-transcript of notes made by Harold Isherwood Kay, concerning the Collection of Sir Henry Benyon
-Mayer, August L (1928), 'Die Gemalde der Sammlung Comtesse de la Beraudiere' June 1928, pp 275-283 (in German). Also includes images of two paintings from the Beruadiere Collection sold at the American-Anderson Galleries by Knoedler's
-photograph of a painting of Charles XII, King of Sweden, from the Collection of the Earl of Berkeley, Berkeley Castle, 1936
-exhibition catalogue: The French Gallery, Walls & Son (1935) 'The Lord Berners Collection of French Pictures, including a group of early Corots, together with selected works by other masters of the French School'
-'Attingham II. Shropshire, the seat of Lord Berwick', Country Life, 12 February 1921, pp186-193
-Milkovich, Michael (1969), 'The New University Art Gallery at Binghamton, Winter 1969/70, pp204-208 (publication unknown)
-letter from Patrick Smythe, dated 28 November 1951, concerning two alleged Gainsborough's in the collection at Ardblair Castle. Also includes a list of oile Paintings at Ardblair
-exhibition catalogue: Ernest Brown & Philips Ltd (1948) 'Catalogue of an exhibition of selected paintings, drawings and sculpture from the Collection of the Late Hugh Blaker', The Leicester Galleries
-two newspaper cuttings (from unknown sources) concerning the bequest of Lizzie Bliss to many museums
-handwritten notes taken from the catalogue of the Blumenthal Collection
-'Furniture in the Blumenthal Collection', Decoration, pp44-48
-exhibition catalogue: Courtauld Institute of Art (1964) 'The Sir Anthony Blunt Collection', Courtauld Institute
-flyer advertising an exhibition of the private collection of Mr P. de Boer in Amsterdam 16 May-24 June 1964
-'La Collezione dei quadri del Museo Civico di Bologna', Commune di Bologna, No4. April 1932, pp21-32 (in Italian)
-advertisement for the exhibition and public auction sale of the Collection of Oscar Bondy in New York, February 1949
-'Le Musee Bonnat a Bayonne', La Gazette des Beaux-Arts, No. 14, August 1923, pp209-224 (in French)
-Oswald, Arthur (1949), 'Fonmon Castle, Glamorgan - III. Home of Sir Seymour Boothby and Lady Boothby', 1 April 1949, pp734-737
-'Capolavori D'Arte in Raccolte Private', Vie D'Italia, June 1935, concerning the Borletti Collection (in Italian)
-Lafond, Paul (1903) 'La Collection de don Pablo Bosch a Madrid', Les Arts, No.22, Oct 1903, pp19-26 (in Frnech)
-'James Bowdoin and his Collection of Drawings with notes on early art collecting in America', The Connoisseur in America, Dec 1947, pp116-121
Extent1 file (13 journal articles; 2 transcripts; 1 sale catalogue; 1 letter; 3 exhibition catalogues; 1 list; 2 newspaper cuttings; 1 research note; 2 flyers; 10 photographs)


Image CaptionFront cover of Gazette des Beaux-Arts, No.14, dated 1 August 1923
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